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Mobile Monday: Highlights from MWC 2017

Posted Feb 27, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are taking a look at the latest news to emerge from Mobile World Congress 2017. In particular, we’re celebrating the return of an old phone in a new form, the curious revival of mobile keyboards, and a much-needed controller for VR.

New & Familiar Devices
A plethora of devices were unveiled at MWC 2017, with notable developments from Nokia, Sony, LG, and others. Most interesting, perhaps, is the revival of the Nokia 3310. The phone that garnered mass popularity 17 years ago is back again, now produced by phone maker HMD Global. HMD plans to further revive the Nokia brand with additional Android phones in the near future.

What makes this revival possibly most interesting is the price point: €49 or $60 USD. While leading smartphones easily go to 10 to 20 times this price, this device will offer an affordable path for people looking to upgrade from basic feature phones. Another aspect of the phone that may make it particularly attractive for emerging markets is its battery life.

While battery life comparisons between old Nokia devices and modern smartphones have often been an area of humorous sarcasm, the “boundless battery” being touted HMD will theoretically not disappoint.

Blackberry’s Keyboard
If the Nokia announcement wasn’t nostalgic enough, BlackBerry revealed their new KeyOne at MWC, which is complete with a full keyboard.  While this is pleasant news for those who feel more comfortable drafting emails with actual buttons, the keyboard also has a few other interesting features.

Along the right side of the compact keyboard is a convenience key that can be mapped to Google Voice Search or any app of the user’s choosing. Individual letter and number keys can also be mapped with short or long strokes, turning the keyboard into 52 hot buttons that might become a bit unruly to keep track of.

New Gear VR Controller
In yet another indication that mobile users prefer direct feedback with their devices, Samsung just unveiled its new Gear VR controller. The controller mitigates the need to use a large & cumbersome touchpad that was mounted to the user’s head.

Similar to Google’s Daydream view (or a Wii remote, for that matter), the controller features a series of primary buttons on the top as well as a trigger on the underside.

About Mobile World Congress
Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry in Europe. Organized by the GSMA, this year’s event takes place February 27th through March 2nd in Barcelona. For the latest Mobile World Congress updates, check our MWC Live or follow along #MWC17 on social media.

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