Appiness and the Shifting UK Media Landscape

Posted Mar 7, 2017

Modern media is all about the interactive, the exciting, and the innovative. Isn’t it? People want content they can engage with in new ways and ad messaging that grabs and holds their attention. Preferably because it’s doing something more than just sitting on the page.

Well, sort of…but not entirely. After all, while some thought leaders in the advertising industry are pushing exciting new channels, the fact remains that traditional media are still going strong. Circulation numbers for some newspapers have increased, and media planners and buyers are still wedded to many other formats from yesteryear.

The Comfort Gap
In fact, when we spoke to 100 UK media planners and buyers, two of the three most-used media channels were born in print: magazines (81%) and newspapers (73%). You can credit this to a general level of comfort with traditional channels.

While 75% of surveyed UK planners and buyers expressed a level of confidence in magazines and 65% in newspapers, only 47% felt the same about mobile video.

Mobile’s Growth
Mobile video, data and analytics are becoming an increasingly influential part of how people work and they’re set to become a bigger part of future campaigns too. In fact, over two thirds (68%) of planners and buyers expect to increase spending on mobile video, with over half (55%) anticipating an increase in desktop video spend.

Mobile and app-based video are the driving forces behind a fundamental shift in how advertising works, giving rise to a new media planning landscape that will define the next decade.

The Challenge
The challenge for UK buyers and planners will be proving to clients that these new technology-based environments are the right place for their campaigns. They’ll need hard data to prove that strategies built around new formats, such as in-app mobile video, will be able to hit objectives and reach the right audiences.

UK buyers and planners will also need to quickly build the skills necessary to master these formats and deliver stellar results. Most importantly, it’s going to require bravery to challenge clients to jump feet first into unknown territory. Many clients will want to stick with low risk, low data channels for their campaigns because that’s the way things have always been done.

The Potential
But if you can convince them of the benefits, you have an opportunity to create highly impactful and targeted campaigns with these new platforms. The results will speak for themselves and the bigger picture will be persuasive.

To find out how to use in-app mobile video and get your clients to buy in, read our report, The Appy Future of Media Planning.

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