AdColonized: Getting to Know Cemal Gunusen

Posted Mar 9, 2017

Meet Cemal Gunusen, the Creative Director at AdColony EMEA. He began his career freelancing and serving as an Art Director at a conventional advertising agency in Instanbul. As a new transplant to London, Cemal spends his time collaborating with coworkers and discovering ‘The Old Smoke’ city… it’s time to get AdColonized Cemal!

What exactly does a Creative Director EMEA do at AdColony?
My goal is to provide the best execution and creative know-how of the market. I also stay in sync with the rest of the EMEA teams to understand their creative related business dynamics. Most of the time, I maintain close communications with the Account Management, Sales Planning, and Sales teams. Brainstorming, video production, checking design quality are also parts of my daily routine.

What made AdColony the right fit?
I spent an amazing three and a half years over at mobilike (now AdColony) before joining the London office. My previous experience in Istanbul helped me understand the dynamics of mobile advertising. Another reason why AdColony was the right fit for me is that I’m a huge fan of agile tech businesses. At AdColony, I find the chance to work agilely by taking necessary actions swiftly. Some may consider things like business profitability, technology, etc. as factors needed for success in a company, however, I believe that the most important factor for success is the people who form that company. I truly enjoy and appreciate working with experts in their field.

I think that positive team dynamics and company culture definitely help to keep a business thriving. How do you keep growing & learning in what you do?
Personal development is a strange thing, and sometimes you can feed on various disciplines. As a creative designer, I’m trying to improve my analytical skills as an opposite to my imaginative side.

From a business perspective, the key to success is absolutely communication. Understanding the other dynamics of a business helps you understand the details of your role. Most of the time I’m asking myself, “What am I doing?”, “Why do I need to do it?”, and “How should I do it?” to focus more precisely on the task at hand.

That’s awesome that you are trying to keep your analytical side balanced with the creative! Do you have any hobbies you look forward to doing on the weekends or after a long day at work?
My wife and I went camping most weekends when we lived in Turkey.

Grilled corn on the cob is a must during camping 🙂

In fact, I’m still quite new in London. Most of the time I’m discovering bars & pubs, restaurants, and shops with my newbie wife. I extremely enjoy spending time in the middle of nature when I can. Drawing, cooking, and tennis are also my side activities in London.

Enjoying a nature walk along the beach!

As someone who works on the creative team, I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of apps. Is there a specific one that’s keeping you engaged lately?
Without blinking an eye, I’ll say OpenTable. Basically, OpenTable allows you to find the best restaurants and make reservations in whatever city you’re in. To be honest, it is impossible to find a seat in a good restaurant without a reservation in London!

What’s one thing not many people know about you that you’re willing to share?
From 1996 to 2008, I collected football player stickers. Panini were releasing specific albums for each of the important football tournaments, like World Cup and European Championship. I had every single sticker for the 1998 France World Cup, and I literally still remember the each team and their squads.

What’s been favorite moment you’ve had with the AdColony team so far?
This is a really hard answer to specify, but I can also say that I really enjoyed the 2016 Christmas Party! I’ve had amazing moments in both the Istanbul and London offices! I believe I’ve made lifetime friendships from this company, and that’s really exciting. 

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