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Mobile Monday: Highlights from SXSW 2017

Posted Mar 13, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re taking a look at the latest highlights and developments from SXSW 2017.

Rewop Launches
As consumers spend an ever-increasing amount of time on their mobile devices, so the demand on those device batteries never quite seems to keep up. To aid those suffering from a red bar at SXSW, a new app was released at an ingenious time: Rewop launched during SXSW.

The app touts that it “helps people in major cities find places to charge their devices”. Once the phone’s battery dips low, the app notifies users of nearby charging stations. Charging station information and ratings will all be collected & curated through user contributions. While gaining enough traction among a user base is often difficult for apps reliant on user generated content, Rewop’s launch at SXSW is brilliantly timed.

Hottest Apps at SXSW
Beyond Rewop, there are a number of other fresh apps that are capturing attention at SXSW 2017, including:

  • Anchor — a social radio app that feels a bit like Snap meets Periscope meets podcast
  • Chalk — a spontaneous group chat app that might be just the thing for social butterflies at the conference.
  • Tribe 1.0 — for everyone missing their old school walkie-talkies

Smart Jacket
Beyond apps, there were also a number of notable physical goods innovations shown at the show. One of the more interesting is the new smart commuter jacket from Levi’s and Google that touts a few wearable tech bells & whistles that city dwellers will appreciate.

About SXSW
Founded in 1987, South by Southwest is an annual event that dedicated itself to creativity in its multitude of forms, celebrating the convergence of interactive, film, and music industries. Last year, interactive themes included the convergence of industries, diversity in tech, the future of transportation, and much more. Check out the full history of SXSW here.

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