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Mobile Monday: Community & Cord-Cutting

Posted Mar 20, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re exploring how one mobile-first company leveraged community to create the hottest app among teens as well as why Business Insider is expecting a cord cutting to accelerate as consumers turn to more flexible content consumption experiences. & Community
It’s no secret that advertisers are clamoring over as of late, and it’s likewise no surprise that Adweek has dubbed it the “hottest music app” of 2017. The app has 200 million users and a hook that has made it what Adweek calls a “pop-culture phenomenon” among younger audiences.

Why is it so popular? At a basic level, it appeals to consumer desire to both create and view short-form video content on their mobile devices. From a publisher’s perspective, it also focused on one key thing: developing and perfecting itself as an essential utility before all else. This allowed the app to foster an organic growth & loyal community that subsequent campaigns were able to build upon.

Cord-Cutting Through 2020
The ever-increasing tendency for younger media consumers to cut ties with traditional cable packages has become so ubiquitous that the phrase “cord-cutting” oft needs no further explanation. Nonetheless, a recent article by Nathan McAlone from Business Insider offers new projections and insights into the future of the trend.

The short & sweet version: as alternative streaming services pick up steam, so traditional cable providers will join the cord-cutting bandwagon to offer flexible content packages, and the majority will be on board by sometime next year.

Interestingly, the report believes that Apple will be the last of the pack, with a full streaming television solution not available until 2019.

A testament to user expectations for high-quality & buffer-free video viewing experiences, McAlone notes that the quality of live-streaming that these providers will offer could prove to be a major hinderance to their adoption. However, analysts are optimistic that technology advancements later this year and in 2018 will help some of the providers overcome the shadows of their past.

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