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Media Planning for a Data-Driven Future

Posted Mar 21, 2017

Media planners are often inundated with advice, often unsolicited. From taunts to be braver with new platforms to cajoling curiosity about technology, planners are constantly pushed to be more ambitious for their agencies and brands.

Roadblocks to Innovation
However, the reality is that time, budget, and client constraints can often hinder even the most sincere efforts to execute an exciting plan. On top of this, important brand & strategy conversations are often siloed.

Meanwhile, media landscape continues to be in a constant state of flux. New platforms come as quickly as they go. Audience behaviour shifts are ongoing, and media consumption remains fluid as people seamlessly toggle between devices and channels throughout their day at a frequency makes heads spin.

With many users shuffling between multiple devices — often at the same time — the appetite for media shows little sign of slowing down. So, how can planners encourage and embrace the right mix of new media to complement traditional campaigns? The answer’s in the data.

Leveraging Data
Data can help inspire more relevant messages, reach hidden audiences, better tailor consumer journeys, and improve cross-channel storytelling. It also affords the confidence to challenge criticisms and back up assertions depends on having the right data to hand. In fact, according to our recent survey of 100 media planners and buyers in the UK:

  • 82% value increased data transparency
  • 81% value improved data accuracy
  • 72% value improved data quality

So how can planners go about getting the data they need in a timely manner? It starts with harnessing the power of the data-centric platforms they might already be using, as well as the partnerships those platforms have forged with third party firms. The data is there. It’s simply a matter of leveraging it.

Join the Conversation
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