Creative Showcase: UFC®

Posted Mar 24, 2017

In this week’s creative showcase, we’re taking a look at one of the first major brand campaigns to leverage Instant-Play™ HD Vertical Video. As recently announced, the UFC® partnered with AdColony to promote UFC® 207: Nunes vs Rousey, and saw stellar results.

In addition to driving awareness for the Nunes vs Rousey broadcast, the campaign also sought to drive clicks to order the premium event on Pay-Per-View.

Without further adieu, here’s the creative:


The ad creative enjoyed a 90% video completion rate, meeting the campaign’s objective of driving awareness. By targeting users as they engaged with Today’s Primetime apps, the campaign helped UFC® reach their target audience in key moments throughout the day.

As noted by UFC® content Marketing Manager Kristen Bankosz in an announcement last week, the campaign “allowed us to align with a wide range of our viewers’ passion points and drastically increase our overall reach and frequency.”

Why It Worked
While best practices regarding the frame composition of vertical video ads are still emerging, the ad creative successfully executed on a number of key mobile creative principles, including:

  • Captivating opening. Attention needs to be won in the first two seconds of any ad, and this creative does an excellent job with an intense closeup on the subject’s face.
  • Quick cuts. Relying on the drama and suspense of UFC® to tell the story, this ad creative had 17 cuts in its short 28 second duration, making the average scene length only 1.5 seconds.
  • Impactful audio. While the creative featured a few voiceovers, the most impactful aspect of the audio was the music selection. The slower tempo score with well-timed beats provide continuity across the quick cuts.
  • Concise on-screen copy. Understanding that not all users will have the volume turned on, this ad uses clear & concise on-screen copy to get key points across, such as the date of the broadcast being promoted.
  • Non-standard duration. At 28 seconds, the video is on the longer end of the optimal duration — which is 23 to 28 seconds — to drive conversion on mobile.

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