AdColonized: Getting to Know Andrea Barros

Posted Apr 6, 2017

A chef puts a lot of thought into preparing his/her meals. Which ingredients should he/she buy? How long does each component simmer or bake? How should the food be positioned on the plate? Like preparing a quality meal for patrons, Andrea Barros, AdColony’s Client Services Director, carefully considers her clients’ needs before launching a campaign. With a passion for food and campaign success, there’s no stopping Andrea from getting to the top. Ready to grill this AdColonized interview? – Let’s go!

What’s a day in the life of an AdColony Client Services Director?
I work with an awesome group of Account Managers in EMEA to make sure that customer service is on point! As a team, we work with sales managers to propose the best campaign setup for success and ensure that campaigns run smoothly. Additionally, we liaise globally with Creative and AdOps, look through data sets to better understand campaigns, and provide recommendations to clients. I make sure that everything is effective and efficient, and that the team has all the resources needed to go above and beyond.

Tell us a little about your experiences prior to joining AdColony & how they have prepared you for your role here.
In 2011, I entered the mobile industry, particularly in the area of account management. Before that, I obtained degrees in Psychology and Marketing, which fits into my AdColony role very well. The mobile industry has become more sophisticated and smarter since I joined, but it has helped to have a strong foundation prior to coming to AdColony. The AdColony team is a diverse group of dedicated, smart, determined, and fun people so it makes my role much easier!

What made AdColony the right fit for you?
The people, the environment (casual and super hard working), the ever-evolving product, and the global support. These 4 things made me excited to join the company and is still the reason I enjoy coming to the office in London every day.

Team meeting with AdColony managers across the globe.

How do you keep growing in what you do?
I keep growing by learning how other departments at AdColony overcome challenges. Not only is it important to learn about the teams in Europe, but also the product, sales, and AM teams in the United States. There is always something I can learn from other teams and leaders. A lot of my learnings are also based on experiences as they arise. When something is particularly challenging, that’s where I learn the most.

What are some hobbies you look forward to doing on the weekends?
Food. I love discovering new restaurants with quirky dishes. One of my favorite foods is a good burger. Ask me where to go in London for a burger, I’ve got you covered. I’m also a big fan of the gym because let’s face it – my love for burgers with no love for the gym wouldn’t be ideal!

Pretty much my face when I see a burger. 😛

I know it’s cheesy for me to say, but meating you makes me want to visit all of London’s burger spots! While we are on the topic of favorite things, do you have a favorite app?
Angry Birds Blast is currently my go to game! Very casual and fun – perfect for my long commute home. On the non-gaming front – Boomerang keeps me entertained for hours. Been is another app where you can checklist the countries you have been to! It makes me want to travel and discover more of the world.

That sounds like a great app for traveling! I’m guessing you’ve marked a lot off that checklist… how many countries have you lived in?
I have lived in 5 different countries including the UK. Canada was probably one of my favorites – the people, the scenery and nature were incredible.

Rumor has it that you’ve got a nickname at work. What’s the story?
Bazza is what the EMEA team call me. My last name is Barros and when we were a tiny team of 5 people, the guys decided to joke around and it just stuck! Lots of variations have been made in the last 2.5 years – the longest one yet is Bazzatronabonabingo which Paul West came up with. Someone has yet to overtake that one…. 

Final question: what’s been your favorite moment with AdColony?
There are so many that it’s impossible to choose just one! One highlight was the Halloween party this year. Everyone in London from both Brand and Performance came together. The costumes were awesome, the dancing was on point, and it was a rare moment where everyone was in one place enjoying each others company.

AdColony Halloween Party!


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