AdColonized: Getting to Know Roman Diaz

Posted Apr 13, 2017

What do the Golden Gate Bridge and Roman Diaz have in common? They both reside in San Francisco, California! As a Graphic Designer for AdColony, Roman taps into his creative side and builds mobile ads. Beyond his work hard mentality, Roman enjoys going on new adventures with his family and exploring the city of San Fran.

American songwriter, Scott McKenzie said that when you go to San Francisco, you’ll meet some gentle people there… Well Roman, let’s prove that the song is correct! It’s time to get AdColonized!

What exactly does a AdColony Graphic Designer do? What’s an average day like?
I started in Performance, but now I primarily support east & west coast Brand Teams. I design and build mobile ads, which is tons of fun. My goal is to make every execution unique and effective. It’s a great challenge, but very rewarding.

Tell us a little about your experiences prior to joining AdColony.
I technically started my professional career in design back in high school, as I worked part time for a San Diego agency. I went to the Art Institute of California, which was a great place to hone skills and learn developing technologies. Right out of college, I was hired at Moolah Media (which became AdColony). Fun fact: Prior to college, I was an Infantry team leader in the U.S. Army and had a blast overseas.

Why did you choose AdColony?
I love that our work is fast-paced, it’s what keeps things interesting. I’ve been here 4 years – it’s still an adventure, and I feel like I still have so much room to grow.

Speaking of growing, how do you keep learning in what you do?
The rest of the team is incredible, and that’s really what motivates me. The work that is produced by our creative team (across offices) is always pushing the limits of technology and creativity. Trying to keep up really drives me to keep learning. Plus, everyone here at AdColony helps each other, so it’s hard to get stuck in a rut. So far, imagination is the limit.

Besides learning at work, what are some hobbies that you look forward to doing on the weekends?
Spending time with my family is number one. This includes Creature, our 3 year-old Italian Mastiff. We have a few chickens and turkeys as well. On the weekends I like woodworking, gardening, and bike riding through Sonoma with my wife.

My wife and I enjoying the Sonoma fairgrounds!
When chickens and turkeys are bff

Sounds like you’ve got your hands full! Do you have an app that’s been keeping you engaged?
I recently rediscovered YouTube for music. It’s recommendation engine is surprisingly good for discovering new music, and I always listen while I’m work.

Before we end the interview, one more question left: Tell us your favorite moment you’ve had with AdColony?
When I first started at the company – producing GIF ads, and watching campaign performance. Every campaign was competition. To see which ad would perform the best, made work exciting. The losers were never run again, and the winners made huge numbers. It was a great way to learn what works. I definitely got hooked on mobile advertising because of my time with the Performance team, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

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