Elevating Monetization with SDK 3.1

Posted Apr 18, 2017

The future of mobile ad engagement is here with version 3.1 of the AdColony SDK. Designed to drive premium demand with innovative formats & viewability reporting, the new SDK offers the best user experience yet.

The SDK features:

  • Viewability-driven demand. With industry-leading viewability reporting for advertisers, the 3.1 SDK can unlock premium demand from brands who require it.
  • Engaging ad experiences. Support for new Aurora™ HD video units offer the best user experience & enable the most cutting-edge interactive ad units in the industry.
  • Interstitial monetization. We’re going beyond video — publishers can increase bid density for display zones with the new generation of interactive interstitials from the creators of Instant-Play™.
  • Streamlined package. The new capabilities are all bundled into the most efficient AdColony SDK yet, now only 320KB in size for Android and 500KB for iOS.

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Instant-Play™ HD Vertical Video

Of course, the SDK also supports the recently launched Instant-Play™ HD Vertical Video ad units, which have already shown exceptional engagement rates for advertisers and revenue potential for publishers.

With Instant-Play™ HD Vertical Video, publishers of portrait apps can improve their ad experience — and therefore eCPM potential — with full-screen video that matches their app’s orientation.

Aurora™ HD Video
The next generation of mobile ad engagement is here with Aurora™ HD Video. AdColony’s latest SDK gives publishers access to demand across the newest ad formats in the industry, including Aurora™ Explorable HD Video & Aurora™ Interactive HD Video. Stay tuned to see what the new Aurora™ units are capable of!

Aurora™ HD Cards
The AdColony SDK now allows publishers to plug AdColony into their display ad zones to increase bid density and capitalize on Aurora™ HD display — the best user experience in interstitial ad units, period.

Getting Started
The 3.1 SDK is now readily available on the AdColony Github for iOS, Android, Unity, and Adobe Air. Additionally, plugins for common mediation platforms are also available. Please check with your partners or AdColony account manager for details!



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