Mobile Monday: Blocking the Bad & Delving In-App

Posted Apr 24, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re taking a look at how mobile web has a lesson or two to learn from the ad experiences offered within mobile apps as well as what the latest eMarketer report on mobile user behavior means for publishers and advertisers.

Blocking Bad Ads
As user experience expectations continue to become more refined, so poorly executed web ads are becoming less tolerated. While in-app ads served through an SDK offer the most reliable and best user experience, ads served through the web continue to frustrate users.

In response, the Coalition for Better Ads is currently looking into industry-wide solutions to poorly executed in-browser ads. However, Rath of Business Insider points out that these measures are a bit late and that users still lack efficacy over their preferences in web environments.

As always, the advertiser and the user are both best served when the ad experience provides a positive and engaging value exchange. Hopefully, the added pressure of new ad blockers will encourage web properties to emulate the same positive experiences found in-app.

App Usage Growth
While the web may continue to frustrate users, mobile in-app experiences continue to lure them in. According to a new study from eMarketer, mobile app usage continues to surpass expectations, growing 10.3% thus far in 2017 over last year. As a result of this growth, in-app time will account for nearly 20% of all time spent with media this year, and 85% of all time spent on mobile devices.

For advertisers, the impact is clear: consumer attention is continuing to shift to mobile apps. For publishers, the report offers a different takeaway: users want more from their apps.

On average, users engage with 20 apps in a given month, a stable yet modest number that is indicative of the challenge of becoming a top app. Indeed, as Jaimie Chung of eMarketer noted, “major publishers are combining multiple functionalities into their apps,” which both makes those apps more appealing and edges out unitasking competition (and we all despite unitaskers, right?).

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