Mobile Monday: Shifting Consumer Attention & Advertiser Budgets

Posted May 8, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re taking a look at the latest eMarketer report to uncover the top trends in consumer attention and how this is affecting advertiser budgets.

Traditional Media’s Slow Decay
As users now consumer over 12 hours of media per day, talks of consumption saturation have increased. As a result, the more important trend for advertisers to watch is where and how attention is shifting. In 2016, television, radio, & print accounted for 50.1% of total media time spent each day. However, this year, eMarketer projects that this number will be only 48.9%. Granted, traditional media’s decaying share of time spent comes as no surprise, and marginal year-over-year losses are expected in the years to come.

Mobile Drives Digital Growth
Meanwhile, the shifts in content consumption within the digital category is actually far more interesting. For instance, while digital media consumption grew 3.5% over last year, it’s important to note that all of this growth was driven by mobile. Indeed, while desktop time spent is expected to fall 1% this year, mobile usage is expected to grow 6%, and other connected devices are expected to grow 8%.

The Video Shift
While total video consumption is expected to remain relatively flat over the coming years, where that video is being watched will continue to change. Compared to last year, consumers are expected to watch an additional 5 minutes of digital video every day this year. Meanwhile, television video consumption is expected to fall 6 minutes in 2017. By 2019, digital video consumption is expected to grow 19% while television is expected to decay 5%. In short, consumer attention is shifting to digital video over television.

What’s also interesting here is trailing ability of the report to track video consumption across all genres of apps. For instance, the report noted that it did not account for time spent watching video while within a social app. As such, it is highly likely that growth in the total time spent watching mobile video is even higher.

Shifting Budgets
In the past, eMarketer often reported on how advertiser spend was lagging considerably behind shifting consumer behaviors. However, the latest report suggests that advertisers are now catching up to consumer attention, with the delta between time spent share and ad spent share on digital channels to be only 4.4% by 2019. Much of the budgetary movement here is a result of advertising dollars shifting away from desktop and television in favor of mobile.

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