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Q1 Update: Brands and Publishers are Embracing New Ad Formats

Posted May 11, 2017

We know that there are many components that go into a successful campaign (targeting, brand safety, viewability measures, technology and optimization, etc.), but above all else, we value outcomes driven by creativity. We regularly challenge ourselves to think through how can we help advertisers stand out, and throughout 2017, one of our main priorities is bringing new advertising experiences to market that focus on exactly this.

This started with the launch of vertical video in Q1, and based on the initial results we’re seeing, we feel confident that top brand and performance advertisers are also looking for new creative options.

Brands know that not all video is created equal, and in the case of vertical video, they recognize that it’s important to show their content in the manner that is best suited for consumption. It’s not enough to just port existing video creative into mobile, and if consumers are holding their phones vertically, that is how they want to show their video.

Since launching with major advertisers like the UFC, FX and Xbox/Microsoft, we’ve continued to roll out vertical video campaigns for leading brands, and the results show that the new format is really moving the needle. Specifically:

  • Vertical video campaigns have an 89 percent video completion rate, compared to similar campaigns on social platforms that often have single digit completion rates.
  • There is a 10 percent engagement rate with the post-video end cards, showing that people are sticking around to learn more after the video ends.
  • AdColony Vertical Video is also 100% viewable – MOAT certified – which is a key metric for Brand Advertisers

Vertical video has also been ramping up quickly on the performance side, and we’ve launched nearly 700 new advertiser creatives which are producing great results and driving higher than expected prices, engagement and conversions. It’s making an impact on publishers too, with eCPMs up in vertical video enabled supply.

All of these products are powered by our new 3.1 SDK, which has seen impressions triple since January. Additionally, more than half of the top 50 apps on our platform are either live or in the process of going live with the new SDK, showing that our largest developers are looking to capitalize.

What’s Next
2017 has seen industry demands around ad units that truly perform, as marketers become more attribution focused, and customers across verticals are also calling for greater accountability and trust around brand safety and viewability.

With MOAT’s viewability measurement integrated directly into our new SDK, as well as the many measures we take to ensure brand safety, AdColony is set up to continue to lead the way in high quality products that drive meaningful results.

As SDK penetration grows, we’re rolling out even more ad products, and showing advertisers what’s possible when you focus on delivering great results powered by amazing creative.

We’ll have more to share there over the coming months, including launching new ad unit innovation across our entire platform, and can’t wait to bring these to market.

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