Mobile Monday: Embracing User Preferences & Modern Storytelling

Posted May 15, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re examining how major brands are beginning to truly embrace audience preferences and content consumption behaviors. Check out what the latest eMarketer report, Microsoft announcements, and Business Insider data tell us about the current mobile-driven digital disruption facing brands.

Embracing Digital Preferences
Recently, eMarketer released a study examining how technology is continuing to disrupt business as usual for executives across industries. While most executives in their survey agreed that “digital transformation is necessary” in order to stay competitive, both their perception of what digital means and their preparedness for this shift was mixed.

Nevertheless, the report offered a few indicators that this digital shift is one that better embraces modern customer preferences and expectation. For instance:

  • 47% have an obsessive focus on customer engagement and satisfaction
  • 37% have mobile and social technologies at the heart of their business.
  • 14% have appointed officer level leadership to lead their digital transformations

One example of this commitment to catering to customer preferences is L’Oreal. As Yvahn Martin told eMarketer, “to be successful, we are learning how consumers want to interact with us, and we show up where they are — on their mobile phones, in relevant notifications, or messaging in email.”

Microsoft Embracing Apple Users
Another sign that companies are learning to embrace consumer’s digital consumption preferences is the recent news that Microsoft plans to “embrace competing platforms” in order to ensure the continued health of its software business. Understanding that users would rather drop a service than drop their mobile device of choice, Microsoft announced that several of its services and software lines will soon be fully iOS and Android compatible.

Embracing Shorter Stories
As major brands begin to focus more on customer engagement & software giants embrace mobile preferences, so storytellers are embracing shorter formats. According to a recent survey of over 3800 creatives reported by Business Insider, digital storytellers are turning to short-form video to captivate and appeal to users.

Indeed, 60% of those surveyed were currently working on a digital video project, and 47% were keeping busy with interactive endeavors. What’s interesting about this is that the video projects are being designed with a digital-first mindset. Long gone are the days when footage was designed for television first and then simply repurposed for desktop and mobile. Beyond being a testament to the eMarketer finding that 37% of brands are mobile-minded, it’s also a reminder that modern storytelling is mobile.

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