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Creative Showcase: Gardenscapes

Posted Jun 2, 2017

In this edition of the Creative Showcase, we’re taking a look at how Playrix Games is driving installs for its Gardenscapes title with Instant-Play™ HD Vertical Video. Without further adieu, here’s the creative:



Why It Works
This video ad creative is particularly successful for a number of reasons, including:

  • Prominent branding. Whenever a title has amassed a sizable following and a positive reputation, it behooves the publisher to include branding prominently at the beginning of the creative, as it positively conditions those familiar with the brand. By also closing the creative with prominent branding, the ad creative is designed to improve brand recognition, which is ideal in the event the user isn’t quite yet ready to install the app.
  • Strategic use of tracking shots. As viewers are more accustomed to landscape videos, the tracking shots used throughout the video — such as the initial one seen from :02 through :05 — provide the sense of space required for users to feel more immersed in the game’s environment.
  • Leveraging on-screen copy. While the use of on-screen copy is typically recommended for mobile video ads to accommodate users who may have their volume low or muted, the use of speech bubbles is particularly on-point for this ad creative as it provides a realistic portrayal of the app’s narrative style.
  • Unique feature callouts. The ad draws user attention to key features of the app, though in a way that is subtle enough that users don’t feel that they are being oversold. This is done through the use of polaroid photos with leading captions, such as the “a new friend” photo at the 10-second mark that lets viewers know that the app experience will be positive and emotionally rewarding.
  • Graduated cuts. Knowing that mobile user interest has to be piqued interest quickly if they are to be converted, this ad creative utilizes a graduated cadence to scene cuts, increasing from its opening 2-second shot to 4, 5, and 6 second scenes as the creative progresses. In so doing, the ad creative both captures attention early on and elicits an emotional response in the second half.
  • Character-centric close. By closing the creative on a scene with the main characters smiling in the foreground, the ad once again reinforces the emotional appeal of the app.

About Gardenscapes
One of the top grossing games on mobile, Gardenscapes is a casual match-3 game that features addictive, garden-themed gameplay. Its dozens of in-game characters and social system adds a layer of emotional connectedness that keeps users coming back.

About Playrix
Founded in 2004, Playrix is a mobile game developer. Since their inception, Playrix has published over 20 games, and their distributed team has grown to over 500 employees in 10 offices. To learn more about their team, artistic style & inspiration, thoughts on monetization, & more, check out the Playrix Publisher Spotlight.

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