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Sustainable Stewardship with T4T

Posted Jun 7, 2017

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. This statement couldn’t resonate more with the amazing non-profit organization and material resource center, Trash for Teaching (T4T). T4T promotes recycling, sustainability, and creativity in their warehouse and in schools across LA. Once AdColony heard of T4T’s efforts to increase sustainability and positively impact the environment, they wanted all in.

Why Volunteer?
Melissa, Wynnona, and Liz from the AdColony LA team were eager to get their hands dirty for a good cause at the Trash4Teaching volunteer day. They each had their own reasons for volunteering with T4T and were excited to learn about new ways to repurpose what many people would typically dispose.

Melissa connected with the organization because it promotes the arts in schools in an inventive, sustainable way. As she stated, “T4T is here to help prepare youth for the world” and challenges their creativity while taking an avid approach to conservation.

Wynnona was looking to “bond with internal staff as well as new people, while simultaneously working towards a common goal for a good cause.” She was thrilled to work with an amazing organization and amazing people, who strive to make the world a better place for everyone.

Liz volunteered with T4T because she loves working with groups who live and breathe sustainable stewardship. Not only did she get to play a part in their mission, but she also took away a “more conscious view of reusable resources.”

Favorite Memory
The Trash4Teaching volunteer day was filled with lots of productivity, creativity, and bonding. Volunteers were able to learn and see first-hand how people andbusinesses donate their time, effort, and materials to T4T. They loved meeting new people from all walks of life and even other countries! From high school and college students to working professionals, everyone came out to volunteer with T4T and take steps towards a brighter future.

More about T4T
Trash for Teaching is really more than just a charity collecting trash to make art. It’s about helping youth think creatively and critically to improve the environment and lay the groundwork for even more positive change.

Businesses donate extraneous materials to the organization, which then transforms it into educational materials or “artistic masterpieces.” T4T reduces landfill waste and gives consumers a chance to purchase “quality, artistic items equivalent to that of name-brand craft stores without breaking the bank.”

The organization teaches its volunteers ways to implement personal and team recycling goals and helps prepare the next generation with innovative sustainability practices.

Getting Involved
To get involved with Trash for Teaching, simply visit their site.

Join the Conversation
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