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Mobile Monday: E3 2017

Posted Jun 12, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are exploring the top mobile news to emerge thus far from E3 2017, where over 100 mobile-focused exhibitors will be showcasing their latest projects at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Nintendo & Mobile
While some publishers began their press conferences rather early this year, Nintendo is making its fans wait. Indeed, the publishing giant is holding their press event just hours before the show floor opens, at 9am PST tomorrow, June 13th. Of course, the speculations are already flying.

What is most interesting to note, however, is that Nintendo’s publishing calendar is so busy this year that their press event will only feature games with launch dates already set in 2017. So often, publishers tease games that are little more than far-off concepts, so the expected polish of a game publishing within 6 months coupled with the inevitable excitement generated by concrete dates should yield positive buzz for all of their titles covered tomorrow.

Will we hear more about Fire Emblem Heroes or the next Mario adventure on mobile? We hope so!

EA Mobile
Beyond the show floor, EA Play will offer a chance for fans to get hands on with many of its upcoming titles. As to be expected, mobile titles being featured at the event will include The Sims Mobile, Madden NFL Mobile, and NBA Live Mobile.

Microsoft & Minecraft
Understanding that consumers expect a seamless experience no matter what device they are on, Microsoft recently unveiled plans to upgrade Minecraft graphics to provide a higher quality and unified experience on all versions of the game.

Referred to as the Super Duper Graphics Pack, one update will provide 4K graphics for all formats. The Better Together update will provide true cross-platform play, right down to items purchased and progress made.

Bethesda’s Mobile Plans
As unveiled last night during their press conference, Bethesda is planning to expand the number of devices that their Elder Scrolls Legends title is available on. The free-to-play card game, which has already been published for both desktop and tablets, will also be published for iOS and Android phones.

Admittedly, this expansion of a title across additional mobile devices is to be expected, particularly as other mobile card games have done the same. Nevertheless, it’s yet another reminder that the experiences one would expect to require a larger screen such as a tablet are actually in demand on 4-5″ screens.

Atari at E3
Atari is expected to showcase several mobile titles on the show floor this year. In particular, content updates for its RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch are expected to be revealed, which will be welcome news to its 7 million users. Of course, Atari’s upcoming projects are also expected to be showcased, including Good Squad and Lunar Battle.

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