Mobile Monday: Lessons from the Programmatic for Publishers Summit

Posted Jun 19, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re covering the top highlights from the Programmatic for Publishers Summit held last week by Mobile Marketing Magazine. The one-day conference  “aimed to demystify some of the latest developments in programmatic,” a daunting mission to say the least. From the summit, a few trends were clear: data is king, apps are primary, the niche is now scalable, and cat metaphors are a must.

The Power of Mobile Data
With respect to the power of mobile data, Paul de la Nougerede of The Telegraph noted, “Data powers our programmatic, especially around the direct conversations we have with agencies, but in the mobile world, there’s obviously a lot of rich data that you don’t see in the desktop world.” Indeed, as Nougerede went on to mention, location data provides a powerful tool for understanding “what readers are actually doing” and targeting messaging accordingly.

Balancing the desire for data reliability with consumer privacy, it’s evermore clear why top platforms are layering third party data from partnering companies like Ninth Decimal with their own proprietary audience platforms.

Our Top 6 Apps
With respect to apps, Terry Hornsby of GiveMeSport acknowledged the power of mobile apps to captivate consumers at key moments in the day, commenting that “We all have six apps that we look at before we’ve even woken up in the morning. Mobiles are turning into personal computers in our pocket, but they’re more than that; they’re personal”.

Indeed, when consumers are between snooze alarms, they’re not typing out URLs into their mobile browsers. They’re tapping and swiping through a few select apps on their home screen. Who messaged during the night? Was that meeting rescheduled? What’s the top news? How did the local team do? Have my lives reset in that game yet? Time to collect my daily bonus in this app!I

Mobile programmatic buys into in-app inventory allow the advertiser a chance to efficiently be found in these waking moments.

Niche Scalability
Just as programmatic stands for nothing if not efficiency, so mobile programmatic has made coveted niche targeting highly scalable. As Andrew Morsy of Sizmek noted, “My experience of trying to sell in-app advertising to brands is that the scale and the data exists in a format that advertisers don’t necessarily understand. The internet has made niche scalable, and even small publishers can find a substantial audience out there, and target them precisely.”

Cat Metaphors, of Course
Throughout much of the conference, it was clear that much of the appeal of in-app mobile programmatic ad buying hinges on the unique capabilities of these placements to leverage device and user data in meaningful ways. This, of course, is all made possible by the ad SDKs integrated into the apps.

Alas, getting an SDK integrated is no easy task. as publishers are rather discerning about that quality & reliability of the tech that goes into their apps. It’s why we’ve always been thrilled and thankful that so many of the top 1000 apps trust the AdColony SDK. Anecdotally, as Rob Beecroft noted, “Convincing developers and publishers to integrate an SDK is a bit like trying to bathe a cat.”

The end result is pleasant, but the process is undeniably unnerving at times, and only the most skillful & reliable partners come out unscathed.

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