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Mobile Monday: Kongregate Collects & Glu Adheres

Posted Jun 26, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re covering Kongregate’s acquisition by Modern Times Group and Glu Mobile’s new partnership with the WWE.

Kongregate Collects $55 Million
While some may have first known Kongregate as a creator of Flash games, today they are rather well known for their successful mobile titles. So successful, in fact, that Modern Times Group recently acquired the company for a cool $55 million.

When discussing the deal, Kongregate CEO Emily Greet noted that MTG is “the right partner” because both companies share a “commitment to empowering indie development teams to create unique and innovative gaming experiences,” a mission which we’re admittedly excited to see continue.

If MTG sounds familiar — and not just because of a Wizards of the Coast game — it is likely because of the majority stake it purchased in InnoGames earlier this year. Needless to say, it’ll be interesting to see where the second half of the year takes MTG.

Glu Signs Partnership with WWE
Yes, the pun potential is strong whenever Glu signs a partnership, and their latest deal is no exception. As the mobile developer recently announced, Glu is teaming up with the WWE in a multi-year partnership to develop a licensed title.

It’s not the first time Glu has partnered with a third party to leverage the appeal of popular IPs, and if the success of Restaurant Dash with Gordon Ramsay is any indicator of Glu’s ability to leverage celebrity personalities to drive installs & revenue, the WWE title will have quite the impressive MAU & ARPDAU when it launches in 2018.

Beyond what this deal means for Glu, the partnership serves as yet another reminder that savvy brands recognize consumer desire to follow & engage with their favorite content across a myriad of devices. As WWE EVP of Consumper Products Casey Collins noted in the announcement, “WWE fans are digitally-savvy and always looking for new content featuring their favorite Superstars.”

To satiate that desire for new content, the WWE understands they needed to connect with fans via one of the most popular pastimes on mobile: gaming.

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