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Viewability and Ensuring Quality Ad Experiences

Posted Jul 12, 2017

“Quality ad experiences” can mean different things to different people. In some cases, the quality of an ad is diminished to a simple analysis of the creative, but ad quality is much more than that.

What is the app/environment the ad is served in? What is the mindset of the consumer when they see the ad? Is the viewer of the ad able to engage with it in a fun and informative way? At the most basic level, can someone see or hear the ad in the way the advertiser intended?

AdColony first started working with Moat in 2015 to help advertisers gain greater insight into viewability. Since then we’ve continued our collaboration with Moat, now part of the Oracle Data Cloud, to showcase other key metrics that play into the larger “ad quality” discussion.

Every quarter, Moat releases aggregated benchmarks, and across the board, Instant-Play™ HD Video blows away recent benchmarks for video. For example, in Q1 of 2017, we saw:

  • 109% higher viewability than the Moat benchmark for the share of impressions that were truly viewed by users
  • 75% higher in-view time than the Moat benchmark
  • 228% higher completion rate than the Moat benchmark for mobile video
  • 123% higher completion quality than the Moat benchmark for the share of completed video views that were audible & visible

Moat also looks at video with a single score: the Moat Video Score (MVS), which includes the sight, sound, and motion aspects of video. Our score for Instant-Play™ video was 98 out of 100, nearly 3X preliminary benchmarks.

What these numbers show is that AdColony is delivering results for partners across multiple categories that fall into the larger “ad quality” discussion.

The high Moat scores demonstrate that ads on our network are being seen and heard, they’re being viewed by real end-users, and those people are actually sticking around to watch the ads much longer than average.

AdColony is also partnered with more of the top 1,000 apps than anyone outside of Google, so we ensure that the apps are seen in premium, brand-safe environments.

Looking at why Instant-Play™ scores so highly, a lot of it is due to the way we built the technology back in 2011. When we originally launched Instant-Play™, viewability wasn’t as top of mind for many advertisers as it is today, but we were still thinking about the best way to deliver the highest quality ad experiences and knew that pre-cached, full-screen video would lead to unrivaled viewability and opportunities for users to engage.

Since launching Instant-Play™, AdColony has run over 26 billion minutes of mobile video ads and driven 78 billion impressions, with the same commitment to quality that we’ve had since day one.

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