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Mobile Monday: Stamp, NCSoft, & the Leader 8

Posted Aug 7, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re covering what Google’s Stamp project could mean for the consumer experience, how NCSoft’s latest earnings may signal a new era for the publisher, and why a flip phone is oddly interesting.

Google Stamp
Understanding that consumers are increasingly turning to their phones for news, Google is now working on Stamp, its news product that aims to “serve up articles in a mobile magazine-like design“. Some believe that the new tool could launch as early as this week, so expect further coverage on this topic as analysts assess its strength relative to Snap’s “Discover” feature.

As more content publishers turn to “short burt bursts of media content” that are punctuated with ads, so we can expect to see the timing & placements of ad integrations in the top news & entertainment apps shift accordingly.

NCSoft’s Earnings Shift
Game publisher NCSoft just released their Q2 2017 earnings report, and the shifts since Q1 are quite telling. In Q1, NCSoft’s mobile titles accounted for 13% of their game sales. In Q2, that grew to 42% as mobile game sales quadrupled and other non-mobile titles saw a decline.

Granted, the publisher spent a bit more than some expected to promote its mobile efforts, but the results appear to be paying off.

Flip Phone Fun
Yes, there are already leaks about the form factor for the iPhone 8, but there’s another phone with a shape that’s a bit nostalgic and a bit too cool for school:  the Samsung Leader 8. Currently only available in China, the Leader 8 is a flip phone with an oddly modern aesthetic. As to be expected, the screen is a bit smaller than its Galaxy siblings, but it has a few modern features that users have come to expect: a fingerprint sensor and a fairly respectable camera.

Granted, flip phones have never disappeared. Traditional flip phones are often marketed to senior citizens or those in developing markets where basic communication is valued over higher end app experiences. What makes this phone and others like it unique is that it is designed & marketed for power users who likely already own both a phone and a tablet.

Indeed, in markets where mobile phone ownership is already reaching saturation, secondary phones like this provide an interesting way for device manufacturers to increase sales & for consumers to showcase more of their individuality while accommodating multiple lines.

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