Revenue to Rely on: Rewarded Video

Posted Aug 8, 2017

Publishers rely on ad monetization to survive. It’s a fact that some may consider a dirty truth of the trade, but the reality is that some users simply won’t make an in-app purchase, pay for an install, or subscribe for premium content. To monetize those users, another method must be considered.

Advertising Supports Publishers
For today’s top publishers, that supplemental method is in-app advertising, which provides 56% of their total revenue.

This is true regardless of publisher size or the types of apps they create. Indeed, according to our Summer 2017 Mobile Publishing Survey, both gaming and non-gaming apps receive a majority of their revenue from advertising.

While ad monetization provides 53% of revenue for mobile games, publishers of non-gaming apps reported that ad integrations supply 76% of their total revenue.

Effective Ad Monetization
So what’s the most effective ad monetization method these publishers are using? It’s rewarded video.

In fact, 94% of publishers surveyed in the Summer 2017 Mobile Publishing Study reported that rewarded video ads are an effective means of mobile app monetization, and 75% noted that it was a highly effective monetization method.

Balancing the User Experience
So why are rewarded ads so effective? The answer may lie in the user experience that these ad integrations offer.

There is simply no comparison: an overwhelming majority of top mobile publishers feel that rewarded video ads provide a positive impact on the user experience that is simply not matched by any other ad monetization method.

Looking at this another way, the correlation between perceptions of effectiveness and the user experience is also clear.

Long Story Short
Yes, mobile publishers rely on ad integrations to supply a majority of their revenue. However, in order for that monetization to be effective, the impact on the user experience must be considered. To this end, rewarded video ad integrations provide the most positive ad experience for mobile users, and that positivity translates to revenue as well.

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