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Aurora™ HD Video Delivers Results for Initial Partners

Posted Aug 23, 2017

Launched in early June, Aurora™ HD Video is our innovative new immersive video technology designed to allow mobile users new and interesting ways to engage with ads, including on-screen interactivity, haptic feedback, and more. Full of promising features for engaging users from the outset, we looked into the results from our first few Aurora™ campaigns to see what actually happened when consumers saw the ads.

Since launching campaigns for Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” Buffalo Wild Wings, and others, KPI results from Aurora™ HD Video campaigns for advertisers have been extremely positive. Nearly 50 percent of users that saw an Aurora™ ad engaged with it in some fashion — an engagement rate seven times higher engagement rate than our standard video-only mobile ad campaigns.

With the typical video to video end-card experience, there’s only one or two points of engagement available, and none during video playback. With fully interactive video, there are multiple points of interaction possible, resulting in per-tap engagement rates 50 times higher than industry averages reported by Innovid’s Global Video Benchmark Report.

More Than Engagement
Advertiser KPI successes go beyond standard mobile engagement statistics as well. Market research and analytics firm Research Now also measured metrics on Aurora™ HD Video campaigns and reported brand familiarity, brand favorability, and purchase intent all rose as a result of seeing the Aurora™ campaigns.

Numbers only tell half the story of the potential of these new ad formats though. When shown Aurora™ ad units, seasoned advertising industry veterans were blown away by the options the next-generation of mobile video brings to the table.

[vimeo 223673712 w=720 h=405]

For more details on the initial results, you can check out the official press release [hyperlink], or learn more about Aurora™ HD Video on our website.

About Research Now
As the established global expert in market research data, Research Now optimizes market research and decision making to drive business results. Rigorous consumer and B2B data collection, robust panel sampling via a variety of methods, recommendations on sample selection, integrated data solutions, and unique methodologies make Research Now a trusted partner across multiple industries.

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