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Digiday Top Boss Award: Doug Manson, VP of Creative

Posted Aug 25, 2017

Digiday recently released the winners of the Top Boss Awards, given to top executives who mentor their employees, show dedication to transparency, and actively contribute to a positive work culture. AdColony is proud to announce that Doug Manson, VP of Creative and leader of our Skylab creative team, has taken home the Top Boss Award in the Advertising Technology category! His vision and expertise in the field of advertising and marketing technology, as well as his excellent leadership skills, have contributed to this honor.

Doug leads an international team of talented designers and creatives in our internal Skylab creative team. His dependability, motivation, sense of humor, team player attitude, and patience inspire his team to work hard and deliver the best outcomes.

As a leading mobile advertising platform, AdColony provides creative solutions for advertisers and publishers. A large part of the company’s success is due to Doug’s leadership and vision, which empowers, supports, and enlightens everyone around him. He inspires his team to think critically and look at creative projects from all angles, pushing everyone to their fullest potential with an infectious enthusiasm that results in advertisements that both perform and delight consumers.

His resilient approach to the most demanding projects has become a staple in the creative department, and the results speak for themselves, with AdColony’s creative team winning over 75 awards in 2016 alone. Even if a project has a tough turnaround, Doug will find a way to navigate expectations and help his people trek through, while keeping the department in an upward projection. As a designer himself, he understands the process of each role and uses that knowledge to guide and fire up the tribe.

In AdColony’s latest product, Aurora™ HD Video, Doug helped align multiple departments to launch a beta program, and his team delivered never-before-seen creative experiences for brands like Disney and Buffalo Wild Wings. Through his influence, positivity, and creative approach, he alleviated pressure on the sales and tech teams, all while cultivating client relationships.

A heavy workload, tons of client feedback, and general demand can become very overwhelming, but Doug always puts the members of his team first, ensuring they’re cared for and well-equipped to tackle any obstacle that comes their way. His team inherently knows they can come to him in any situation, coming to him for new ideas or suggestions. He’s always willing to offer a fresh perspective that is both truly helpful and supportive.

Doug is “madly respected” and “exceptionally impressive in all facets of his job,” Anna Su, Video Production Director, said. He leads by example, pushes people to new levels professionally and personally, and always creates an environment that “fosters both fun and creativity,” she said.

Doug has a great way of managing people where they are guided and not micromanaged, Anna added.

Cande Lopez, Interactive Designer, said Doug “trusts his team. His confidence in us allows the freedom for each creative individual to spearhead a project, taking it from concept to completion, while being openly available for any support.” His integrity, patience, and confidence encourages his team to “own [their] projects and feel a sense of pride in [their] work.” As James Vela, Marketing Designer, said, “With Doug’s ever-present positivity, the overall vibe of the department feels fresh and open.”

As James Vela, Marketing Designer, said, “With Doug’s ever-present positivity, the overall vibe of the department feels fresh and open.”

Congratulations, again, to Doug Manson on winning the Digiday Top Boss Award! We’re absolutely thrilled to have you on the AdColony team!

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