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Elevating the User Experience with SDK 3.2

Posted Aug 29, 2017

The mobile user experience is better than ever with version 3.2 of the AdColony SDK. Designed with both the mobile publisher and user in mind, the new SDK is iOS 11 & Android Oreo ready and offers numerous improvements, including:

  • iOS 11 compatibility
  • Enhanced skippability controls
  • Convenient volume controls
  • Enhanced security
  • Improved ad relevance
  • Post-install event support
  • Improved testing tools

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iOS 11 & Android Oreo Compatibility
The AdColony 3.2 SDK offers support for the newest mobile operating systems releasing this year: iOS 11 and Android Oreo.

Enhanced Skippability Controls
Sometimes, it’s important to offer the user an option to skip ahead. Now, publishers who enable skippable ad zones have two options: allow the user to close out of the ad experience completely, or simply skip ahead to an end card.

Both provide an enjoyable user experience, and the new skip to end card feature has become a notable revenue booster for publishers who have tested it, driving upwards of 25% increases in revenue for affected ad zones.

Publishers with skippable ad zones are encouraged to reach out to their account managers for more information.

Convenient Volume Controls
While the power of sight, sound, and motion is unparalleled at captivating, entertaining, and engaging users, sometimes sound is a bit out of place. The user may have their device sound muted outright, or the app experience may intentionally be rather quiet.

To better accommodate these experiences, the 3.2 SDK features new convenient volume controls, empowering users to mute & unmute ads as they wish. Publishers will also now be able to establish whether they would prefer ads muted or unmuted by default.

Enhanced Security
The 3.2 SDK features added encryption to fortify security, thereby better protecting the ecosystem for publishers, advertisers, and users alike.

Improved Ad Relevance
Publishers can now reap the higher eCPMs of brand ads that target users based on device quality, battery level, Apple Watch pairing, and more. Users can enjoy the improved relevance of these better targeted campaigns.

Post-Install Event Support
Publishers can now pass post-install event (PIE) data directly via APIs to improve both the LTV optimization of their app install campaigns as well as their average ad revenue per daily active user.

Improved Testing Tools
Seamless reporting of logs coupled with a convenient test mode makes setting up or upgrading an SDK integration easier than ever.

Adapters & Plugins
Both Unity and Adobe Air plugins will be ready soon, so please check the AdColony Github page or follow our social channels for the latest. Similarly, we are working with our mediation partners to ensure adapters are ready in time for the public launch of iOS 11, and publishers will be receiving updates from both their mediation providers and AdColony directly as those become available.

Getting Started
The 3.2 SDK is available on Github for both iOS and Android. To make integration as easy as possible, publishers are encouraged to check out the integration guide for iOS as well as the integration guide for Android.

Get the SDK

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