Mobile Monday: Donuts, Candy, & Documentaries

Posted Sep 18, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are taking a look at what two campaigns featured in Adweek’s latest list of best media plans tells us about mobile’s ability to reach consumers in those innocuous, in-between moments as well as what the rise of mini-documentaries means for mobile video content consumption.

Adweek Honors Top Media Plans
Yesterday, Adweek shared what they consider the “23 best media plans” of 2017. Decided by a robust panel of judges, each honoree “took media planning innovation to new heights” by leveraging strategies that captivated relatively distracted audiences.

One notable honoree was Trilia Media’s work  on the Dunkin’ Donuts campaign with navigation app Waze. Understanding that the same consumers who are drawn to the Waze app for its ability to save them a few minutes on their commute every morning may also appreciate a faster route to their daily caffeine fix, Dunkin’ Donuts partnered with Waze to offer a mobile ordering service directly within the popular navigation app.

The result? Dunkin’ Donuts is raking in over 200 million earned impressions a month, totaling over 1.4 billion earned impressions since the campaign launched in March.

Meanwhile, MediaCom snagged one of the other spots on Adweek’s list for its Hungerithm campaign for Mars Chocolates. In essence, the campaign analyzed consumer sentiment in real time in Australia. When the population became appropriately “hangry” in their commenting — due to weather, traffic, crummy news, or the like — then consumers were sent mobile coupons for discounted Snickers bars along with directions to their nearest 7-Eleven stores.

These campaigns are yet further reminders of the power of mobile to reach & engage consumers in those in-between moments with relevant & highly-impactful messaging. (It also doesn’t hurt when you’re advertising donuts, caffeine, and candy to grumpy commuters!)

The Independent’s Video Dependence
When ESI Media shuttered the print edition of The Independent in March, many wondered what this would mean for the longterm health of the publication. However, after shifting its focus ton video, the publication is once again profitable.

Indeed, producing video content has been so successful for the organization that ESI Media plans to double its current video team.

The expansion will also include a new dedicated section on its site for its increasingly popular mini-documentaries. In a world caught between 10-second viral clips and long format news shows available on-demand, these 5-minute or less mini-documentaries have found a sweet spot in consumer’s appetite for news consumption, providing just enough meat to deliver on the “quality and efficacy of accurate journalism” that ESI’s managing director Zach Leonard attests they strive for.

Diving deeper, the fact that these multi-minute videos are being so well received for the publication is a telling indicator of consumers’ increasing attention to the small screen. While short clips may still be the most apt to go viral, consumers are happy to watch longer videos as well. While publishers may continue to push this duration to see how long they can keep user attention on their mobile devices, there’s something intrinsically more powerful about a 4-minute video than a 42-minute episode: the former can reach users in those in-between moments where traditional content cannot.

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