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Measuring the Mobile Mood: Consumers Share Sentiments in New Survey

Posted Oct 3, 2017

Just as finding the ideal moment is critical for captivating consumers, so it’s essential to know how they feel, both about the types of messages they are being shown and based on their current environment.

To gain a better understanding of these key consumer sentiments, we recently conducted a survey across the AdColony platform. Globally distributed, over 1500 consumers participated in the survey, sharing key aspects of their mobile behaviors and preferences, including:

  • Current sentiment
  • Frequency of mobile gameplay
  • Number of games installed on their devices
  • The ad formats they find most acceptable

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Consumer Happiness
Consumers were asked to rank their mood on a 5 point likert scale, which was then compared to the app they were in at the time they received an invitation to participate in the survey. From this data, we were able to learn typical consumer sentiment based on their app, revealing:

  • Consumers are happy while engaging with in-app ads. 75% of consumers surveyed were in a good mood.
  • Consumers playing mobile games are the happiest. 77% of respondents playing a mobile game at the time they were surveyed reported being in a good mood, compared to only 61% of those engaging with a non-gaming app.
  • Consumers are saddest in social apps. Consumers in social apps were 3.2 times more likely to be in a negative mood than the average. Social app users were also 2 times more likely to be in a negative mood than consumers using a news app.

Ad Acceptability
While it’s undeniably helpful to appeal to consumers while they’re already in a positive state of mind, it’s also critical to not ruin the mood with the ad itself. As such, we asked consumers to rank the acceptability of various ad formats on a 7-point likert scale, and the results were quite telling.

Simply put, rewarded video is the most accepted ad format among consumers, and this was true across all age groups. On average, consumers were twice as likely to find rewarded video ads to be acceptable than any other ad format.


Ad Format Acceptable Neutral Unacceptable
Interstitial Video 18.6% 37.8% 43.5%
Pre/Midroll Video 14.2% 35.4% 50.4%
Rewarded video 40.1% 31.5% 28.4%
Banner Ads 20.8% 32.5% 46.7%
In-feed ads 16.8% 33.0% 50.2%
Interstitial Display 12.0% 29.2% 58.8%
Playable Ads 22.4% >36.6% 40.9%
Overall 20.7% 33.7% 45.6%


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Mobile Gameplay Behavior

While it’s not too surprising that the vast majority of consumers (87%) have mobile games installed on their phone, or that most (76%) play those games every week, what was interesting was the number of games the typical user has installed.

Indeed, only 14% of respondents admitted to having 10 or more games installed on their phones. Instead, the vast majority (72%) have between 1 and 9 games installed. This suggests that consumers are relatively loyal to a select number of apps, thereby stressing the importance of app quality over quantity with respect to campaign targeting.

About the Study
The AdColony 2017 Consumer Sentiment Survey provides insights into consumers’ mobile behaviors and preferences. Distributed in Q3 2017 via the AdColony platform to mobile users across the world, the survey asked 15 questions and received over 1,500 responses.

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