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Mobile Monday: Focused Distraction & Forfeit

Posted Oct 9, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re taking a look at what the latest user behavior numbers from eMarketer mean for advertisers as well as the quintessential reminder found within Microsoft’s mobile forfeiture.

Focused Distraction
The fact that consumers multitask while engaging with media is nothing new. After all, how many studies and articles have there been about distracted television viewing alone? What is interesting, however, is just how focused that distraction is.

Indeed, according to new Adobe Digital Insights reported by eMarketer, consumers are relatively focused on one screen in particular when they’re also watching television: their mobile phones. According to the study, 47% of consumers use their smartphones while watching television, a figure that is nearly 2.5 times greater than the next most popular distraction laptops.

Adding both smartphones and tablets together, a total of 61% of consumers are on their mobile devices while watching television.

Mobile Forfeit
In yet another reminder that mobile experiences are most successful when the creators behind it have a mobile-first mindset and embrace the unique experiences users expect on their most personal devices, Microsoft is said to have “abandoned its smartphone operating system ambitions,” and will cease work on Windows 10 Mobile.

While the company will still provide support and bug fixes, no new features or versions are currently in the pipeline, effectively killing the platformed utilized by a third of a percent of mobile users.

While this news might not mean much for the majority of the population who use Android or iOS based devices, it’s yet another reminder to publishers that mobile experiences must not ever attempt to simply mirror desktop apps or sites. To be embraced, mobile experiences must be designed specifically for the device and ideally take advantage of the full capabilities of those devices.

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