Competing for Consumer Attention: Multitasking On-the-Go

Posted Oct 10, 2017

Let’s face it, hours of riding in a car can get tiresome after a while. If you’re ever been on a road trip, you know entertainment is essential. How many different activities can one person possibly be preoccupied with at the same time? The AdColony Consumer Road Trip Survey provides tons of insight on how people stay entertained when traveling and which generation is the busiest on the road.

According to the survey, Centennials are expert multitaskers when on-the-go, juggling an average of 5.4 activities at once. Trailing Millennials are the runner up, balancing 4.3 activities at the same time. Looking at everyone across the board, the average number of tasks completed simultaneously is 3.6. So what does this mean for mobile? Centennials and Trailing Millennials are especially likely to lose attention and switch to another task if entertainment and engagement is lacking.

Comparing genders, women tend to have a higher degree of multitasking, engaging in 4.2 activities compared to just 3 men balance on average. Taking this one step further, female Centennials are the most active, working on nearly 6 different things at once!

Gaming on the Road
When we’re involved with so many different activities at once, not everything gets our fair share of attention. Naturally, the more things you’re doing, the less attention goes to each, but this may not necessarily mean that the attention is equally distributed across every activity. As the survey indicates, a larger portion of travelers’ attention goes to gaming over reading, talking to others in the car, and using social media.

The survey results showed that 44% of travelers occupy their time with games on their mobile device. Of this 44%, women come out on top, with over half of them playing games while traveling. When comparing men and women side-by-side, only 35% of men said that they play games on the road.

Well there you have it! Entertainment is extremely important for travelers, especially younger generations who get bored of routines easily. Engaging these audiences with exciting visuals and features is key.

About the Study
The AdColony 2017 Consumer Road Trip Survey asked global consumers a short series of easy-to-answer questions about travel plans, revealing a generous amount regarding traveling concerns and patterns of behavior in a variety of age groups.

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