Key Takeaways: Mobile Video Disruption

Posted Oct 11, 2017

Recently, AdColony co-hosted a webinar on mobile video disruption with the MMA. Tom Simpson, Director of Growth and Programmatic at AdColony, as well as Pedro Ramirez Caviedes, Digital Lead for Unilever at Mindshare, led a discussion about the changing dynamics of video advertising and how advertisers can engage users to drive outcomes.

The purpose of this webinar was to help marketers and the industry at large understand the different kinds of video and how mobile is truly disrupting the future of video advertising. Simpson began by explaining how consumer behavior is shifting, with audiences watching less video on their televisions. Meanwhile, time spent within mobile apps is growing. Indeed, Simpson noted that the mobile app ecosystem is now the second most important channel of choice.

Looking at digital video, mobile video views (56%) exceeded desktop video views in 2016, and have continued to do so since. As a result, advertisers are turning to mobile video to increase brand awareness and reach targeted audiences. Since 2016, mobile video ad spend has grown by 53%.

Here are some key takeaways from the webinar :

  • Not all video is created equal. Video formats and platforms don’t perform the same. The AdColony Instant-Play™ HD Video, which has zero buffer and full-screen dynamic end cards, is extremely successful in driving more user engagement, with a 93% completion rate and 96% viewability rate.
  • Choose a brand-safe, premium platform. There are four key areas to keep in mind when looking for a premium brand-safe app platform: direct SDK integrations at scale, data-driven approach, total brand safety (3rd party audited), and the best user experience.
  • Accountability to business outcomes. Everything should be linked to a business outcome. Always measure marketing, viewability, and video completion rates, but don’t forget to look deeper (brand, outcomes, purchases, etc.).
  • Elevate video with creativity and tech. Look for additional add-ons for the video you already have. From end cards to 360 video, explore options to take your video and make it more disruptive in the mobile environment.
  • Innovate, innovate, innovate. Captivate users, measure their attention, and constantly strive to innovate in order to stay up to speed with consumers.

The webinar continued with a look at Aurora HD™ Video, which allows for a richer user experience through its interactivity and eye-catching graphics. Caviedes finished off the webinar by explaining how brands use video today, exploring mobile campaigns and specific video guidelines to keep in mind.

This webinar packed a ton of useful information and entertaining demos for everyone who participated. Knowing now that the future is mobile, brands must continue to push the boundaries and strive to deliver the best user experience to stay in the game.

About MMA
MMA is the world’s leading global non-profit trade association consisting of 800 member companies from nearly fifty countries across the globe. From brand marketers and agencies to enabling technologies and media companies, MMA members come from every corner of the mobile media ecosystem. Its mission is to accelerate the transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile, driving business growth with closer and stronger consumer engagement.

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