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Creative Showcase: Pirates of the Caribbean

Posted Nov 3, 2017

In this edition of the Creative Showcase, we’re exploring how Disney drummed up excitement for Pirates of the Caribbean with a well-executed and interactive mobile video campaign.

To get started, we sat down with Doug Manson, our VP of Creative to discuss what made this particular ad creative so special.

[vimeo 234587670 w=640 h=360]

And now, without further ado, here’s the ad:

[vimeo 241090611 w=640 h=360]

Why It Works
This interactive mobile video ad follows a number of creative best practices, including:

  • Immediate instructions. As interactive mobile video is rather new, many consumers aren’t quite sure when they can or should be tapping or swiping during an ad. As such, making the opportunities to engage clear is key. This ad creative wastes no time in this pursuit, opening with a full-screen invitation to “tap to collect treasures”.
  • Clear progress indicators. When crafting an interactive ad experience, it is advisable to provide users with a sense that they are accomplishing something by interacting, as this sense of accomplishment increases overall satisfaction. To this end, the Pirates of the Caribbean ad features progress indicators in the lower third. As users follow the instructions to “find these treasures” during video playback, the icons of what they’re tasked with finding illuminate.
  • Iconic brand imagery. When the brand being advertised has strong equity among its target audience, the ad nearly always performs better when the creative opens with visuals that let the user immediately identify the brand. In this creative, the iconic pirate skull & crossbones featured beneath the opening instructions serves as a strong branding element that piques user interest in the ad.
  • Immersive feedback. When inviting users to interact with an ad, it is important for their actions to receive immediate and immersive feedback. To this end, the ad creative is successful in that taps on the screen are met with both haptic and visual feedback cues. By engaging both the sense of touch and visual motion, the feedback is sufficiently immersive.
  • Meaningful effects. While there are a number of ways to provide visual feedback in response to user actions, it is always preferable if that feedback is meaningful. In this ad, the screen ripples when the user taps, an effect that ties in nicely to the on-screen content & the overall motif of pirates on the sea.
  • Clear rewards. Much like rewarded ad integrations are best when they provide clear & immediate rewards, so interactive ads themselves are best when the user’s interactions are more clearly rewarded. In this case, users are taken to a dynamic end card wherein they can see which premium content they’ve unlocked through their participation. This provides a clear understanding of the reward while also encouraging additional consumption of the branded content.
  • Invitation to re-engage. Beyond promoting the primary KPI of selling movie tickets, the dynamic end card also includes an options for users to replay the ad experience. This allows those who failed to collect all the treasures another chance to unlock the exclusive content. By including this option to re-engage with the ad, opportunities for user satisfaction are increased.

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