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Singular Names AdColony One of the Most Secure Mobile Ad Networks

Posted Nov 21, 2017

Recently, marketing analytics platform Singular published its inaugural Fraud Index, wherein AdColony was named one of the most secure mobile ad networks.

Why It Matters
As the mobile advertising ecosystem evolves, so do the tactics and actions of malevolent actors. Indeed, advertising fraud continues to haunt the mobile ecosystem. With total damages expected to reach $6.5 billion this year, what are advertisers doing about it?

Unfortunately, according to Singular, 63% of marketers aren’t doing anything to combat ad fraud. As a result, multiple forms of fraud have taken root, and Singular notes that they take two main forms: user fraud and attribution fraud.

In short, user fraud occurs when advertisers are paying for activity that is not performed by a real user. Attribution fraud occurs when malevolent parties steal credit for installs by sending false information to attribution systems.

To combat these dishonest behaviors, Singular found that the most common fraud prevented by rule-based methods included:

  • Time to install anomalies
  • Geographic outliers
  • IP blacklisting
  • Hyper-engagement
  • Device blacklisting
  • Publisher blacklisting

Of course, rules alone can’t prevent fraud. In the report, Singular describes the fight against ad fraud as “a game of cat and mouse”. Just as soon as patterns emerge, so fraudsters revise their tactics. As such, Singular advises selecting partners that consistently evolve to their prevention systems to protect against these ever-changing threats.

How Singular Rated Networks
To determine which ad networks were the safest against fraud, Singular analyzed mobile ad from data that was anonymously collected from mobile marketers. Data spanned a 30-day range, allowing Singular to determine which providers were the most secure.

As a result of their study, Singular found 20 providers that “are capable of driving both significant volume to marketers while keeping fraud rates well below the industry average”. AdColony was one of the most secure ad networks listed in their report, which is available here.

About the Study
The Singular Fraud Index is the first study of its kind by Singular to examine fraud data from multiple fraud prevention providers. The report examines the fraud prevention methods most actively used in the mobile industry, the 20 most secure mobile ad networks, evolving patterns, and the future of fraud prevention.

About Singular
Singular is a marketing analytics platform that was founded in 2014. To date, Singular has over 1600 integration partners and has tracked over $7 billion USD in mobile marketing spend.

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