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Mobile Monday: Experiences Hatched in the Cloud

Posted Jan 22, 2018

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are exploring what Epic’s acquisition of Cloudgine will mean for both mobile game publishers and their users, as well as what Hatch’s expansion means for app discovery.

Epic Acquires Cloudgine
For years, Cloudgine has based its research and development of cloud processing solutions around Unreal Engine 4, a game engine created & owned by Epic Games. Today, Epic Games has announced that it is acquiring Cloudgine in a move to integrate cloud computing options into its Unreal Engine directly.

For publishers who develop their titles on the Unreal Engine, this could mean multiple improvements to the user experience. As more calculations for game mechanics could be handled off-device, so developers would become less constrained by individual device limitations. This will translated into richer, more immersive & engaging experiences for mobile users.

This will also mean a more consistent user experience across the myriad of devices on the market, a relief for some publishers who find themselves scaling back on resolution, frame rate, or animations on certain devices.

Hatch Cracks New Markets
While Epic is looking to expand the cloud computing capabilities of its engine, Rovio-backed mobile games-on-demand service Hatch is expanding. With its beta program now live in both the UK and Ireland, users in these countries can now play over 100 streamed games on their mobile devices.

At its core, the service ams to expose more people to more titles that they might not otherwise install separately. Currently, the service is supported through ads monetization, though subscription based access is expected in the future.

Reducing Strain
In both the case of Epic’s move to embrace cloud computing in its engine as well as Hatch’s mission to expose users to more games via streaming, one underlying trend is clear: companies are looking for ways to reduce strain, both for the devices themselves and for their users. As a result, the native in-app experience will become richer, and other mobile experiences will become more accessible.

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