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Seven Perks of Fraud Prevention

Posted Jan 30, 2018

Advertisers deserve better. While honest partners are working diligently to combat and prevent ad fraud, others are simply dragging their feet, which does the entire ecosystem a disservice. After all, when ad fraud prevention is improved, so is overall ad effectiveness.

To quantify the benefits of improved ad fraud prevention, Appsflyer and Forrester recently conducted a survey of 250 advertisers and agencies, and the top noted improvements were:

    1. More efficient ad spend
    2. Better campaign insights
    3. Improved return on ad spend
    4. Increased engagement
    5. More efficient use of marketing staff
    6. Improved ability to optimize messaging
    7. Lower risk in experimentation

Breaking it down, each benefit noted by the advertisers surveyed makes complete sense, and it all boils down to better insights, better results, and less waste.

Better Insights
When campaigns aren’t plagued by click injections or other fraudulent behavior, advertisers can better assess where their campaigns are the most successful and invest accordingly. This is why 60% of survey respondents listed “better campaign insights” as a benefit of fraud prevention, and it also why 63% are able to be more efficient with their campaign spend.

This is particularly important when considering the fact that 73% of advertisers surveyed felt that 20% or more of their in-app mobile budgets were subject to fraud.

Better Results
Beyond spend efficiencies, the improved insights made possible by active fraud prevention also enables better campaign results. Indeed, 44% of advertisers are using their more reliable data to better optimize campaign messaging, and 53% are seeing an increase in audience engagement.

Less Waste
With more accurate data & more efficient campaigns driving better results, advertisers who work with partners that have strong fraud prevention measures are also enjoying less waste on two fronts: time and money.

Teams aren’t spending as much time trying to figure out where quality installs are actually coming from, allowing 51% of teams to be more efficient with their time. Likewise, as campaign budgets aren’t being wasted on fraudulent impressions or being credited to dishonest sources, overall return on ad spend has notably improved for 55% of those surveyed.

Join the Conversation
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