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Reaching New Heights with SDK 3.3

Posted Feb 22, 2018

Committed to improving mobile advertising for users, publishers, and advertisers alike, the recently released 3.3 version of the AdColony SDK features numerous enhancements designed to improve ad revenue as well as the user experience.

Key Features of 3.3
Specifically, version 3.3 of the AdColony SDK features:

  • Highest Quality Ads — With both Integral Ad Science ad quality measurement and DoubleVerify viewability measurement support, publishers can enable even more premium ads on their apps when they upgrade to 3.3.
  • Higher Ad Revenue — Thanks to numerous user experience & brand reporting enhancements as well as support for monetization in China, publishers on 3.3 are currently enjoying 20% higher eCPMs than those on older SDK versions.
  • Heightened User Experience — In addition to providing an optimized experience for iPhone X users, the 3.3 SDK also offers numerous stability & performance enhancements designed to improve the overall user experience.

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Adapters & Plugins
Both the Unity plugin and the Adobe Air extension for the 3.3 SDK are already available on Github. Additionally, several third party mediation adapters are already available or in the works. While we’ll be providing email and portal updates, publishers who use mediation are also encouraged to check with their providers for the latest details.

Enabling Premium Ads
Version 3.3 of the AdColony SDK is fully compatible with Integral Ad Science (IAS), a viewability and ad quality measurement standard among discerning brand advertisers. As premium, IAS-measured brand campaigns will only be delivered to apps on the 3.3 SDK, publishers who upgrade to this version of the SDK will enjoy higher brand fill than apps that haven’t upgraded.

Similarly, only publishers on 3.1 or later versions of the AdColony SDK will enjoy the premium eCPMs of campaigns that require DoubleVerify viewability measurement.

Getting Started
The 3.3 SDK is available on Github for both iOS and Android. To make integration as easy as possible, publishers are encouraged to check out the integration guide for iOS as well as the integration guide for Android.

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