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Pauses & Perks of Playing with Programmatic

Posted Feb 27, 2018

Every year, more advertisers are testing the mobile programmatic waters, whether they are mobile marketers buying programmatically first time or experienced programmatic buyers testing out mobile.

With tests come surprises, both good and otherwise. So what are the aspects of programmatic that are giving senior ad buyers pause, and what are the aspects that are exciting them? Recent data from eMarketer sheds some light.

Cause for Pause
When asked what their top concerns were regarding programmatic buying, advertisers noted concerned around measurement consistency (49%), agency transparency (42%), third party visibility (39%), fraud (37%), viewability (35%), and brand safety (23%).

Simply, it boils down to advertisers deserving clearer reporting, more transparency with partners, and more assurances that their ads are being seen in brand safe settings.

Fortunately, many of these concerns are easily addressed, which is likely why none of the topics were a concern for a majority of respondents. Already, advertisers are turning to trusted third party measurement companies such as Integral Ad Science, MOAT, and DoubleVerify to ensure consistent and clear measurement around ad viewability, quality, and more.

Perks to Celebrate
Indeed, advertisers are more optimistic than they are weary, citing more benefits to programmatic ad buying than negatives.

Specifically, advertisers expressed being pleased about the ability to better target & optimize their campaigns (61%), better scale their campaigns (54%), improve their return on ad spend (42%), improve efficiency (38%), use both first-party (21%) and third-party (20%) data, and otherwise have greater control over their campaigns (11%).

Simply put, advertisers are enjoying better results. While they would like to better understand how these results are being achieved through better reporting, they are nonetheless enjoying a higher return on ad spend than they have previously.

Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that eMarketer projects that over 80% of all display advertising and 60% of all mobile video advertising will be purchased programmatically by 2019.

Join the Conversation
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