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The Promising Future of Playables

Posted Mar 6, 2018

Over the last year, more and more app install marketers have been allured by the promise of playables, an ad format that offers far more user immersion than anything that has come before it. So, how have initial campaigns fared, and what’s the outlook for playables in 2018? Data from recent studies sheds some light.

Usage is Rising
Granted, the top app install formats by usage remain impactful full-screen units, with full-screen video leading the pack. However, the number of top app install marketers who have at least tested playables has risen quite notably over the last year.

Excitement is Steady
The most noticeable jump in advertiser excitement regarding playables happened last Spring. Why was this? While earlier generation playables offered by some providers offered a glimmering tease of what the ad format could be, their overall quality and user experience left something to be desired. As such, it wasn’t until early 2017 that advertisers got their first taste of high quality playables that provide a true-to-app experience by leveraging SDK-enabled technology.

Now that there’s a new generation of playables, nearly half of advertisers are more excited about it than any other format. In an industry where excitement is as measured as the campaigns being run, that’s saying quite a lot.

Effectiveness is Improving
As more advertisers are testing campaigns using higher quality playable units, so the perceived effectiveness of these campaigns are also improving. Indeed, while only a third of advertisers were finding success with playables in 2016, now 71% of top advertisers find playables to be effective.

Budgets are Increasing
Admittedly, many advertisers are only setting aside modest test budgets for their playable campaigns. Nevertheless, these test budgets have been steadily growing over the last year and a half and are now triple what they used to be.

If this trajectory continues, global playables budgets could surpass both in-feed video and social display units within the next year.

Already, playable ads surpass native, influencer, and traditional media spend for app install campaigns across all regions.

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