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Mobile Monday: Mixed Reality Promotion, Seriously Connected Fans, & FCC Acceleration

Posted Mar 26, 2018

This week, Mobile Monday is taking a look at an IP that is returning to its gaming roots to promote its new format, how one mobile publisher has found success focusing on user engagement with its core property, and how the FCC is working to play catch up in the race to 5G.

Warner Bros Partners with Trigger
In yet another indicator that IPs are most powerful when they transcend formats, Warner Bros has partnered with mixed reality developer Trigger to develop a mobile game designed to generate hype around its upcoming film Rampage, which is a movie based on an old arcade and console game.

Yes, a mobile game was made to promote a movie that’s about a game. Let that sink in.

As Craig Chapple of Pocket Gamer reported earlier today, the game would aim to “take the action into the real world” through gameplay that would mimic the action of the upcoming film starring Dwayne Johnson. Players of the mobile game can control key monsters from the movie through an augmented reality interface that incorporates the real world environment.

Where the app becomes particularly promotional is in its other facets. Beyond playing around with monsters to be featured in the film, the app also includes options to view the movie trailer and purchase movie tickets.

Seriously Connected Fans
While some may sigh as more publishers leverage their existing IPs in new ways — such as is the case with Warner Bros and Rampage — there is merit to the strategy. While users might hunger for new content and IPs, it’s becoming increasingly important for publishers to improve upon the IPs they already have.

As noted in an interview between VentureBeat and Seriously CEO Andrew Stalbow, “the stakes are getting high in the $48 billion mobile games business.” As a result many publishers are focusing more energy on fewer titles.

As Stalbow told Venturebeat, “People are focusing on products they have that have established a connection with an audience.”

Seriously has done this, focusing much of their efforts toward turning their Best Fiends franchise into a brand that users will engage with for years to come. Thus far, it seems to be working out quite well for the publisher, which reportedly generates $150,000 a day in revenue.

FCC Streamlines 5G Rollout
In previous editions of Mobile Monday, we’ve shared how the move toward 5G mobile connectivity is progressing, from the first chips announced at Mobile World Congress to the first countries accepting bids for frequencies. Not wanting to be left behind by other countries, the FCC recently announced that it is working to expedite the deployment of 5G infrastructure in the United States.

In short, the approval process for the hardware that makes 5G possible will be streamlined, making it easier for small cells to be deployed while still maintaining standard environmental and historical review for any new large construction.

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