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AdColonized: Getting to Know Johann Basnakowski

Posted Apr 26, 2018

As a Software Developer, Johann Basnakowski spends a lot of time building and tweaking different features for our products. From fixing bugs to testing and reviewing code, Johann handles a lot of technical tasks. In his previous role as a Software Engineer, he gained experience with campaign management and custom creatives, which helps him tackle his new responsibilities here at AdColony. During his free time, Johann enjoys coding, reading, and adventuring outdoors. Johann, it’s your turn under the AdColonized spotlight!

What exactly does a Software Developer do at AdColony? What’s an average day like for you?
As a Software Developer, it’s my job to build and maintain different features of our software products. Currently I’m stationed at the composer project so my main focus here is to add requested features, do code reviews, provide support, fix bugs and write documentation.

An average day usually consists of me spending most of my time writing and testing a newly-requested feature and/or trying to reproduce a reported issue and then fixing it, as well some occasional code review or support case on the side.

Tell us a little about your experiences prior to joining AdColony & how they have prepared you for your role here.
Prior to joining AdColony, I was working at Apprupt in Hamburg. My job there was pretty broad, as I was working on multiple projects, like the company’s campaign management tool, adserver, showroom app (android only), and the development of new custom ad creatives as well as different tracking solutions. Most of my time was spent on the campaign management tool and on custom creatives. Working on all these projects gave me a really good overview of the different areas of the ad serving industry.

What made AdColony the right fit for you?
Definitely the people. I love working with people who are passionate about what they are doing, it makes working so much more fun.

How do you keep growing & learning in what you do?
I read a lot online and fiddle around with different code. I learn the most by actually trying stuff out.

What are your hobbies or activities that you look forward to doing on the weekends or after work?
As corny as this may sound, coding is one my biggest hobbies, I enjoy creating things! Other than that, I do enjoy being in the fresh air and reading a book from time to time.

Which app is keeping you engaged lately? Why?
Probably Spotify: I love the radio feature. This way, my music never get old 🙂 I use music as a source of motivation as well as relaxation.

What’s one thing not many people know about you that you’re willing to share?
I can’t really think of anything 😀

Do you have a nickname at work? If so, is there a story behind it?
Not that I know of.

What is your favorite moment you’ve had with the AdColony team so far?
The recent team lunch with the new composer team, I would say. I’m definitely looking forward to spending even more time with the team.

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