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Mobile Monday: 5G Networks & iPhone Medicine

Posted Jun 18, 2018

The march of technology continues! This week, we’re looking at next-gen connectivity and maybe the future of medicine. As LTE penetration reaches more users than ever, mobile networks continue to innovate and hit milestones for their next-generation networks, the better to deliver more content, faster. Apple’s upgrade to ResearchKit 2.0 for iOS 12 indicate the possibility iDevices may expand their role as clinical tools sooner, rather than later.

“Scalpel. Clamps. Suction. iPhone.”
The latest version of ResearchKit, Apple’s developer API framework that allows researchers and developers to create apps that track user or patient health data (sometimes accessible to users via the Apple Health app), includes a number of new features that can collect and track data from speech, hearing, vision tests and more.

Introduced in 2015, this latest update, detailed by in the ResearchKit Blog, points to a continued interest by Apple in having its devices used more heavily in the medical community.

Research Kit 2.0

Faster and Faster
According to the mobile industry publication Fierce Wireless, Verizon and Nokia were the first to cross two industry milestones on the road to putting 5G speeds in the hands of the average user. The pair of companies completed the world’s first outdoor test of a 5G connection using New Radio (NR) standards. Until now, 5G test had only been conducted indoors in more controlled conditions, not “real-world” ones.

Verizon and Nokia also successfully used a technique called multicarrier aggregation to deliver throughput speeds of up to 1.8 Gbps, streaming a 4K video with 1.5 milliseconds latency. The two companies used Verizon’s 28 GHz spectrum, so there was no need for any special spectrum authorization from the FCC.

Verizon published a YouTube video detailing the

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