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Mobile Monday: Ad Transparency & AR for All

Posted Jul 2, 2018

Following Facebook’s lead, Twitter recently announced a new tool for online users, the Ads Transparency Center. Hoping to give more insight and power to the people, this feature will be accessible to everyone, whether or not they’re signed up with Twitter.

Ad Transparency
Facebook’s “info and ads” section and Twitter’s new Ads Transparency Center are all big steps into the new era of transparency and online safety. Starting now, any online user, whether they have a Twitter account or not, will be able to see all the campaigns an advertiser has run on the platform within the past seven days, just by searching the advertiser’s Twitter handle.

Since this is very new for Twitter, users can expect changes to come as the company determines how to better satisfy consumer needs. For now, ad information is only available for the past seven days. However, U.S. political ads will be searchable for an indefinite amount of time, and will also include demographic targeting data and ad spend.

AR for All
Niantic will soon be offering its custom AR Software to other developers as the Real World Platform, hinting that its development kit has more features than Apple’s and Google’s. The Real World Platform has already been used for Pokemon Go, Ingress, and Harry Potter, adding digital characters and shared social experiences to real-world map data.

To make it even more appealing for developers, the platform will have a realtime AR occlusion engine, which will enable 3D characters to disappear behind real-world objects and people, even as the camera and people move. Although this feature would definitely improve the mobile experience, there’s still some adjusting that needs to happen to make sure it runs smoothly on screen. Other features to look forward to include object recognition and shared AR spaces.

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