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Mobile Monday: Mobile Video’s Growth & Pokémon’s Second Mobile Anniversary

Posted Jul 9, 2018

It’s been two years since Niantic let users capture Pokémon on their mobile devices, and mobile video has been growing continuously over the past several years but seems to have stabilized a bit according to a new report. Read on for more!

Slower but Stable Growth
Mobile video consumption continues to rise globally, but the pace of that growth is beginning to stabilize, according to the latest findings from Australian telecommunications company Ooyala. 

According to Ooyala’s Q1 2018 Global Video Index Report, the increased growth comes principally from more long-form video, or those videos 20 minutes or longer, being viewed on mobile devices. According to the report, long-form videos were viewed to completion nearly six in 10 times on smartphones specifically.

“Consumers are becoming far more comfortable watching any content on every screen than they’ve ever been,” said Jim O’Neill, Ooyala principal analyst.

According to the report, 56.6 percent of video plays in North America were on a mobile device of some kind.


Other highlights from Ooyala’s report:

  • Mobile video plays in North America increased 9 percent from a year ago and 18% over the past two years, accounting for 56.6 percent of all video plays in the first quarter of 2018.
  • Total long-form content (longer than 20 minutes) jumped 189 percent
  • Medium-form content (5-20 minutes) more than doubled as well, rising 171 percent
  • Short-form (shorter than 5 minutes) was up 178% percent

You can download and check out all the findings in Ooyala’s report here.

Catching them All
Pokémon Go had a successful launch, and two years on developer Niantic has continued to push new updates despite slightly lower visible hype in mainstream media, giving the game’s long-term fans more, and lapsed users reasons to return. The most recent updates, coming on the heels of the game’s two year anniversary, have catapulted the app back up to the top of the charts.

Last week, the app reached was third on the App Store and second on Google Play’s Top-Earning charts. Never out of the Top 100 since launch, the augmented reality app has pulled in a total of $1.8 billion (with a b) lifetime sales according to Sensor Tower.

It’s not just incoming cash either. Niantic’s frequent content updates have kept engagement high. According to App Annie, in May, more users spent time in Pokémon Go than Candy Crush Saga in the United States. Quite an accomplishment for a relatively small team.

Pokemon Go Year 2

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