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Mobile Monday: In-Ad Data Platforms & AR Interactivity

Posted Jul 23, 2018

IronSource’s new platform puts the power with the advertiser. Although this platform is only in its beta stage and available to a small selection of premium partners, it may soon be the new source of information for a lot of companies.

Power to the Advertiser
IronSource’s new in-ad data platform now allows advertisers access to analytical data on the performance of their video ads, beyond metrics like impressions and clicks. Information wired down to the level of each specific advertisement and an analysis of aggregated data on user engagement are just a couple of its features. What’s the catch? This platform is currently only available to a few premium IronSource partners.

With interactive ad units like payables and video ads continually growing, this platform makes it even easier to understand what goes on in the advertisement itself. This information can really open the doors to creative optimization and an improved in-ad experience. Those who have access to the platform can get data like drop-off points within an ad, as well as information on in-app content, like the most preferred characters and storylines.

Nickelodeon’s Take on AR
With AR becoming the new way of engaging users across the board, Nickelodeon decided to jump in on the growing trend. The app is called Screens Up and blends live TV with AR, encouraging users to take out their smartphones at specific moments in a show. With a signal from the app, users can point their phone cameras to the TV to see exclusive scenes and characters join the experience.

The app is already available to download on iOS and Android devices for free and will make its debut at the Kids Choice Sports live show. When Nickelodeon isn’t hosting live TV, users can still use the app to interact with other AR elements like stickers and mini games. But this is just the beginning. The company has plans to expand the app to support more shows and will also be bringing a VR experience based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Comic-Con this week!

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