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Opening the Floodgates: Ad Variety & Revenue

Posted Aug 3, 2018

A successful 17+ rated publisher with several social casino titles on the AdColony exchange was only displaying ads that fit their intended audience. This may make sense on paper but could be costing publishers millions of impressions per day and leaving money on the table.

Have you ever been to a PG-13 movie and seen a trailer for a PG, or even a G-rated movie? Of course, you have. Old media has known for decades that people indulging in one level of entertainment might still have a want or need for others, and so don’t limit themselves to the same rating when showing trailers.

Publisher Reticence
So why are app developers and publishers still not opening up their more-mature rated apps to a wider ad unit inventory? One reason may be a caution around accidentally appearing to appeal to the wrong demographics.

Obviously, a 4+ game that could be designed for children shouldn’t be showing ads for 17+ apps, but some of those people playing a 17+ game are still interested in engaging with ads that don’t match the audience of the app they’re in.

To put it simply; just because a user might like to spin the virtual roulette wheel doesn’t mean they also don’t want to collect imaginary monsters.

Working with the AdColony Publisher Growth team, this social casino team opened the floodgates to user acquisition ads for apps of all kinds.

The Results
The day the change was made to allow a full spectrum of ads across the publisher’s titles, earnings for that day doubled and there was a 31% increase in impressions and CVV’s. By noon the next day, earnings had already exceeded those from the day prior and were pacing for 4x earnings prior to the change, with another additional 13% increase in impressions and CVV’s.

So what does this all mean? Publishers should consider displaying ads for a wide range of verticals, especially if their app skews to an older demographic. It’s important to know your audience, but realize that they’re diverse and multifaceted.

The Full Report
For the full case study and more details on how publishers can increase their revenue with a little adjustment and creative thinking, download the full version here.

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