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Mobile Monday: In-App Purchases, Messaging, and Analytics

Posted Aug 20, 2018

Did you know that women are almost 80 percent more likely to make in-app purchases in mobile games? According to some recent data, the female gaming market is a big opportunity for apps to grow their business.

In-App Purchases
According to Liftoff, women are 79 percent more likely to make in-app purchases after installing a mobile game. This information is a part of the company’s Mobile Gaming Apps Report, which is based off of 46.7 billion impressions collected within a year. So what does this mean for marketers? It may be smart to start putting dollars towards user acquisition campaigns specifically targeted at women.

As more games like Fortnite are being released, more people are jumping on the wagon and choosing to spend money for in-game items. Looking at the cost to acquire users, iOS gamers are more expensive than Android gamers, although users on iOS devices tend to have better value due to their higher rate for in-app purchases. In regards to regions that are starting to spend more within apps, Europe, Middle East, and Africa make the cut!

In-App Messaging and Analytics
Firebase, Google’s service for helping developers build apps for Android, iOS, and the web, was recently updated to include an in-app messaging feature and Crashlytics upgrades. The in-app messaging feature was put in place to engage the users who are actively using their app, by making relevant information, offers, and tips more readily available to them. With Google Analytics and Firebase Predictions integrated into the new in-app messaging feature, developers can target messages based on user profile data, current behavior, and predicted future behavior.

Firebase Crashlytics has also gotten a facelift, with the addition of BigQuery for deep crash data analysis and Jira Software for alerts. Developers can now export their Crashlytics data to BigQuery, and get even better analysis, reports, and visuals for their data. On top of that, Jira makes it possible to create, manage, and track the different crashes or issues that come up – all in one place!

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