Brand Safety Across Asia-Pacific

Posted Aug 21, 2018

Whether it’s monitoring your brand’s presence or cutting down on platforms you advertise in, more and more brands are taking active steps to protect their image. With user-generated content being a huge part of everyone’s mobile experience no matter where users live, brand safety is becoming even more difficult to maintain and is something all companies should keep in mind.

Which environments are safe to invest in? Where do users prefer to encounter ads? How can inappropriate content affect user behavior and perceptions? Having previously conducted a global user survey on the topic, AdColony decided to take another look, but this time specifically in the Asia-Pacific region.

The results indicated that users across the Asia-Pacific region prefer to encounter ads in mobile games over Google, YouTube, and social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. After seeing an ad in mobile games, almost 30 percent of users purchase products or services through the platform — that’s 15 percent more purchases through mobile games than Instagram and 20 percent more than Snapchat!

Across Asia and the Pacific region, users are 2x more likely to encounter hateful, inappropriate, or offensive content on Facebook than mobile games. They’re almost 3x more likely to encounter “fake news” on Facebook as well!

If a brand’s advertisement appears on a platform with objectionable content, it’s almost guaranteed to negatively impact how users view the advertiser, in addition to the platform itself. But what if the poor placement wasn’t their fault? Unfortunately, users aren’t aware of that. It’s completely up to brands to invest in brand-safe environments and maintain that positive company reputation.

Which environments can be deemed safe? Whether it’s the lack of objectionable content, a seamless app to ad experience, better targeting capabilities, or opportunities for in-app rewards, mobile games continually prove to be the preferred platform to invest in. Consumers are more willing to engage with ads in mobile games over other areas like social and are more likely to enjoy the experience and come back for more.

Click here to download the survey results!

About the AdColony Brand Safety Survey (APAC)
The AdColony Brand Safety Survey (APAC) asked consumers in the Asia-Pacific region a series of questions about preferences when it comes to ads, uncovering interesting insights about brand safety and various platforms. Download the full infographic here!

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