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Mobile Monday 8-28 Netflix

Mobile Monday: Netflix’s Ad Experiment and Android Pie Go

Posted Aug 27, 2018

Netflix is bringing ads to users content streams and Android Pie Go Edition is bringing modern mobile OS features to cheaper and cheaper phones. Whether you’re bingeing blog entries or browsing this on a new budget phone, you can read all about it in this week’s Mobile Monday.

Netflix Interruptions
If you’ve been enjoying long strings of content on Netflix, entirely ad free thanks to its premium pricing, that time may be coming to an end. Despite its position as video content leader, as the company continues to produce new original content, it makes users spoilt for choice and a discoverability issue has raised its head, a problem performance marketers are well acquainted with.

To combat bingeing viewers “Friends” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” over and over and ignoring “Disenchanted” and infinite comedy specials, Netflix is beginning to test ads for new content mid-stream, to a select portion of the company’s global audience the company confirmed to TechCrunch last week.

These ads are, however, skippable. Even Netflix understands that users respond best overall when ads are skippable. Mobile developers can take a note from Netflix’s playbook on this one, and advertisers and take heart in knowing that the “right time” is just as important as “right place.” Sometimes a skip isn’t the end.

Cheap Pie is still Good Pie
Google introduced the Go Edition of Android Pie recently. Android Pie Go Edition is part of Google’s larger Android Go program, the goal of which is to make various Google mobile products more available on what Google considers “less capable” smartphones or mobile networks with less robust data capabilities. Since its initial release last year, Android’s Go Edition OS has been made available or shipped installed on over 200 devices in emerging markets including India, South Africa, Nigeria, and Brazil. 

Google expects Android Pie (Go Edition) to ship with smartphones this fall.

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