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Mobile Monday: Apple’s Next Event & AdColony Supernova Summit

Posted Sep 3, 2018

It’s that time of year again. Apple announced the announcement date for their annual iPhone (and more) reveal, with a little extra this time. We’ll take a quick dive before giving a brief preview of the AdColony Supernova Summit! September is shaping up to be quite the month.

Apple’s Next iPhone
Last week, Apple sent the tech media their annual iPhone event invites, this year for September 12th at 10:00 am Pacific at the Steve Jobs Theatre on Apple’s new campus in Cupertino. The black and cold invite asked everyone to “Gather Round,” likely referencing the main ring-shaped building at Apple Park.

The black and gold theme might have been a mystery, were it not for an accidental leak of the latest phones captured by 9-to-5 Mac of the new gold and black phones, thoughts to be called the iPhone XS.

As iOS 12 has reached near Gold Master status, iPhone owners can expect a software update by the end of September, and the new phones to drop about a week after if previous patterns are anything to go by. The new version will include Group FaceTime, memoji (Bitmoji should watch out!), and begin enforcement of Apple’s new app privacy policy requirements. Siri shortcuts and grouped notifications will also make users happier with iOS’ usability.

We’ll be tuned in on September 12th to learn more.

AdColony Supernova Summit
After a successful dinner at GDC this year, the AdColony Supernova Summit will bring together subject-matter experts and industry luminaries in a small lodge in the Pacific Northwest to meet up, share, learn, and relax before Apple throws a wrench in everyone’s plans.

After arriving, attendees will enjoy an evening of activities by an award-winning outdoor adventure company and of course, time to settle in. After breakfast on Thursday, six sessions across monetization and user-acquisition will bring insights and knowledge to the fore, before a relaxing (downhill) bike trip, followed by one of the freshest farm-to-table dinners in the Pacific Northwest.

The sessions include panels on advanced mediation, the changing performance landscape, playables best practices, rewarded video innovations and tips, the importance of measurement in performance advertising, and deep dives on implementations and ad zones.

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