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Mobile Monday: User-Initiated Video’s Purchase Intent and Apple Devices

Posted Sep 10, 2018

User-Initiated Video Wins Again
Last week saw the first ever AdColony Supernova Summit, bringing together publishers and app performance marketers in Snoqualmie, Washington for two days of education and relaxation. This week, the first ever AdColony Intelligence Summit is taking place in Istanbul, showcasing the latest in brand research across Europe and beyond!

Earlier today, Erdem Tolon, Nielsen Turkey’s GM and CEE of BD, covered the impact of rewarded video in his Brand Study Benchmarks session. Compared to the standard benchmarks for digital advertising, user-initiated video (and its rewarded video subcategory) see a marked increase in purchase intent. “We should always be thinking about the consumer first,” Tolon said.

Consumers view brands they encounter in user-initiated video favorably, and rewarded video specifically is the best place to reach users on their favorite devices. Beyond purchase intent, Tolon explained that brand recall was higher when consumers encountered user-initiated video, coming in at 50% higher in the case of FMCG/CPG category, for example.

You can view more of day one on Campaign Turkey’s YouTube page.

Apple’s Annual Event
As we discussed last week, this Wednesday will be Apple’s “Gather Round” event, bringing more new iPhones and iOS 12’s final reveal. Expect news on three new iPhones bringing the advancements like Face ID and OLED screens from last year’s iPhone X to other devices in the lineup.

A new iPad would certainly be a welcome addition. Apple’s tablets have struggled to convince buyers to upgrade in large numbers, and the iPad as a product overall has remained steady at between nine and 13 million units per quarter over the last couple of years. Compared to the huge growth numbers the iPad drove for Apple in 2014, that’s not great.

The next Apple Watch and maybe even a new generation of Airpods could also be announced. Apple does like keeping its device generations in-line after all.

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