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Mobile Monday: Brand Safety Metrics for Advertisers & Machine Learning

Posted Sep 24, 2018

It wouldn’t be a week in advertising, mobile or otherwise, if someone didn’t bring up brand safety. Last week, digital trading giant GroupM threw down the gauntlet against Facebook. When it comes to machine learning, campaign effectiveness get a huge boost according to a new study. Read on for more details!

Machine Learning Boosts Campaign Effectiveness
We shouldn’t have to reiterate the key to truly effective ads isn’t just isn’t how many people see an ad, but if the people who do see the ad are the right people. According to a new study by MAGNA, IPG Media Lab, and true[X], machines are much better at that optimization than humans. A lot better.

The study looked at three campaigns and compared the results between human-run campaigns to campaigns with machine learning running the show with human oversight. Machine-learning powered campaigns beat out regular human-driven campaigns when it comes to all of the metrics advertisers care about: purchase consideration, purchase intent, brand interest, and brand familiarity.

In one campaign, the machine-optimized version saw a 5.6% lift in brand familiarity, compared to only 4.4% in the unassisted human-only campaign. These results even come with fewer views:

Optimization is key, and it keeps getting clearer that optimization is done better by software than human wetware.

Social — STILL not Brand Safe? Or accurate?
GroupM has officially called Facebook’s metrics out in the latest article on Digiday. In response to better insights and accountability for the results Facebook claims for campaigns, especially in the face of fakes news and objectionable content control allegations, the media giant has officially begun designing alternatives.

“We’re increasingly holding Facebook to account to justify the levels of investment we are putting in them,” said Robin O’Neill, managing director of digital trading for GroupM. After years of pushing for verification of results by Facebook, GroupM has had enough.

The ad giant’s programmatic unit, Xaxis, is working on a high-quality 6-second video ad format to run across a mix of non-Facebook mobile platforms. If it isn’t Facebook-owned, it’s a good bet GroupM might be trialing this new format there.

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